Etunke EmmanuelManry 2

By Etunke EmmanuelMary

According to the Oxford Learners’ Dictionary, truthfulness is the act of being sincere, honest, and always telling the truth. Truthfulness is a virtue that can be learned and pass from one generation to the other.

In day-t-o day life, for peaceful coexistence and success in all endeavors, citizens must exhibit truthfulness to their fellow brothers and sisters in the society. It is a compass which guides human beings to the right part to do what is good and avoid that which is evil. Being truthful can pave way for a successful life. Unfortunately, in our present day society, the act of being truthful is often time regarded as been weak and unwise. This impression no doubt has contributed to the destruction of the fundamental values and ethics in the society.

The socialization of a child begins at the family level where she/he is taught to be sincere, honest and law abiding. Sadly, a lot of household inculcate the lack of truthfulness into their children as a way of life which in turn affects all facet of the society. Nigerians must embrace speaking the truth always to ensure a serene society and be conscious of their utterances by standing up for the truth at all time and remain silent when tempted to tell a lie.

Lack of truthfulness is manifested as Nigeria is literally swamped in money right now. Money is and can be found anywhere and in different forms and denominations neatly wrapped in tight bales buried in sewer tanks, abandoned in airport lounges, dingy rooms, cemeteries and lots more. It is indeed an issue that defies logic that nobody is keen to say the truth by claiming the sums. The Christian holy book, the Holy Bible says ‘the truth shall set you free’. So whoever fears the Lord and stand by the truth shall equally maintain truth before any court but this is hard to find in our society.

As the current government change agenda is gathering momentum on the fight against corruption, money laundering, and other social vices, all Nigerians have a role to play in the change we all clamor for by upholding its Change Begins With Me policy. This has to be borne from within, be it in secret or in the public.

As a result of insincerity, money laundering, killings, and theft is becoming the order of the day hence it pays to say the truth always because a good deed wipes away the evil ones. The ambitious who wants to acquire wealth by all means through the crooked way by indulging in lies and evil deeds will definitely experience its adverse consequences.

To build and have a better Nigeria is not the sole responsibility of President Mohammadu Buhari alone. All Nigerians need to change their way of life by maintaining the dignity of the family and the country by performing act of truthfulness to live in peace and harmony which befits life on earth and in the hereafter. Nigerians must inculcate the habit of positive deeds to change the nation by joining hands in sincerity and truth to pray for the betterment of the country.

As a result of the lack of truthfulness in the society, a lot of social problems have emanated ranging from broken homes, armed robbery, communal clashes and cattle rustling to religious crises. There is no nation that can develop in an atmosphere of lies and corruption. Institutions and religious bodies must wake up to their responsibilities by educating the people on the need to speak and stand for the truth in all circumstances by emulating the legacies and exemplary lives of the nation’s founding fathers.

Therefore, citizens must truthfully practice the oath taking when reciting the national pledge by being faithful, loyal and honest to serve Nigeria with all their strength because the nation is in dire need of good leadership and followership who will stick to the truth no matter the situation or circumstances and expose those committing evil via the ‘whistle blowing’ policy hence Nigerians must join hands with the President Mohammadu Buhari led government in truth and honesty to establish a better Nigeria by allowing the positive Change to begin with me.

*Etunke EmmanuelMary, public affairs analyst, wrote in from Makurdi, Benue State; 08083111862.



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