By Berger Alfred Emberga mrp

The popularity of the once largest party in Africa, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Benue state, has continued to decline at accelerated speed as party could not found candidates to elect in most of the council wards during its councillorship primary elections held last week across the state.APC PDP

Information available shows that the chances of Benue state PDP winning in the forthcoming June 3, 2017 Local Government elections has continued to narrow down as the councillorship primaries of the party show a marginal decline in the popularity of the party.

For instance, in Guma, Obi, APA Local Government Areas etc, the party’s leadership shopped desperately for councillorship candidates to be featured in most of the council wards, but had found none and decided to leave a blank space.

At this juncture, I wonder where the impersonating publicity scribe of the cremated Ahmed Makarfi faction of PDP, Benue state, Mr. Bemgba Iortyom, got his confidence to publicly boast about his party beating the beloved incumbent APC come 3rd June, 2017, when his faction of the party has no single supporter in most of the council wards in the state.

Mine is to fold my arms and watch how a party that has no supporters in majority of the council wards in Benue state will beat the popular party in the state.

*Berger Alfred Emberga Mrp is a member of the governing party in Benue State. He writes from Makurdi North.



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