France just inaugurated a new president. Before today, I have followed developments closely and with keen interest too, and have seen how Nigerian youth are engulfed with the emergence of the 39-year-old Emmanuel Marcon as the new President of that country.

The fact is that France is France where youth have a stake in the governance of their country,where the youth are sure of their future, where the voices of the youth are heard by old politicians and accorded due respect,where youth join politics not to run errands for the old politicians, carry their briefcases, but to be a voice to be reckoned with. A country where youth are not bought over nor sell their rights for a pot of soup.

I am talking about a country, where human rights are respected not abused, where youth are encouraged to join politics with the intention of vying for key positions, I mean a country where the youth do not easily yield to pranks by the old politicians who may want to mobilise them in order to unleash thuggery in the society.

Oh yes am talking about a country where youth are active not gullible nor docile, a country where the old are willing to retire from active service at the appointed time and pave way for the youth, a country where youth say things the way they see it ,not playing the role of a chameleon when money exchanges hands.

Am referring to a country where individuals respect the sanctity of institutions of government while these institutions know the enormous task entrusted in them and so work towards fulfilling it for the benefit of the entire country.

What else can be said of this country that has a structured way of electing those to occupy juicy positions? A country where favoritism do not hold sway, a country where godfathers or cabals do not decide how the President of the country runs his administration, a country where past leaders do not cluster around the tables of those they left power for waiting for their own share of the federal allocation.

A country where individuals place their nation first and move about freely by the desire and willingness to die for their country at any point in time.

Good tidings about this country is inexhaustible hence in contrast to the situation in my country Nigeria.

Nigeria is indeed Nigeria, where the youth join politics not to be a force to be reckoned with but rather with the sole aim of running errands, carry briefcases, doing the dirty job of these old politicians that have left the country in ruins,mobilise their fellow youth in order to satisfy the biddings of these politicians.

Activities on Social Media among Nigerian youth have shown at a glance how engulfed they are following the emergence of 39-year-old Emmanuel Marcon as the President of France,with some even calling on fellow youth to rise up. What a caricature!

How can somebody who galvanise support for these old politicians, make himself a vessel to be used by politicians to unleash mayhem, enjoin fellow youth to rise up and take the bull by the horn? Hmm.

For me, things can only get better in this country if the youth begin to dissociate themselves from the machinations of these politicians who explore their joblessness, shallow mindedness among others for their own selfish interest.

What will make a youth succumb to the pranks of these old politicians, when their own children are abroad studying, enjoying life to the fullest and only to come back here to declare that Nigeria stinks,when it is their own fathers that polluted the air?Is it not foolishness?

France is France, Nigeria is Nigeria indeed!


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