Anchorman: James Ibechi

 For 16 uninterrupted years, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ruled Nigeria after the country bade bye to the military dictatorship to embrace democracy in 1999.

Although the PDP boasted that it would remain in power for 60 years before it would relinquish it if it deemed it necessary, the All Progressives Congress (APC), however, humbled the PDP’s pride by kicking the ruling party out of power in 2015, only 16 into the bragged 60 years.

Many factors accounted for PDP’s loss of power, but the chief among them was an abuse of power and gross misrule, a sordid situation characterized principally by widespread corruption at all levels of governance.

In all the 16 years that PDP held sway both at the centre and in most of the states of the federation, the condition of the common man was no better than it was during the dark era of the military.

APC came with a bang to wipe the tears gushing down the faces of millions of forlorn faces of Nigerian masses. Two years down the line tomorrow May 29, how has the party government fared in the nation, and in particular Benue State?

Do you think the Dr. Samuel Ortom of the APC-led government of Benue State is fulfilling its campaign promises and deserves the support of the people? Be honest and candid.

As part of activities to mark this year’s joint celebrations of Democracy Day and 2nd Anniversary of the Ortom administration, the government team has been in the media rolling out its catalogue of achievements, amidst outcries by prominent personalities such as Sen. David Mark and opposition party that the people have very little to celebrate as the party’s myriad of campaign promises remain largely unfulfilled.

The masses have also been wallowing in penury, with the cost of living at all-time high, and the economy yet to recover from depression, even as hunger ravages the people, millions of who are unemployed.

Thus, as the government marks another year anniversary, it is indeed an opportunity to take a look at the scorecard of the administration and how it fared in the prosecution of the party’s manifestoes on which it obtained the Benue people’s mandate.

What do you say?



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