The recent quit notice given by the Arewa Youths to Nigerians of Igbo extraction who are agitating for the Sovereign state of Biafra has continued to elicit more reactions from Nigerians.

Muhammadu Buhari


It will be recalled that the a group that described themselves as Arewa youths have given the Igbos three months to leave the Northern zone or they will have themselves to blame, hinting at the intentions of confiscating properties left by fleeing Igbos- a repeat of the Post civil war situation when communities in the current Rivers state labeled Igbo properties abandoned to seize them. This is in spite of provisions of the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Section 41(1) of the 1999 Constitution states that “every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof, and no citizen of Nigeria shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry thereby or exit therefrom”.AREWA HOUSE

This is complimented by Section 43 of the same constitution which says that every citizen of Nigeria shall have the right to acquire and own immovable property anywhere in Nigeria.

But analysts contain that the present government have no regards for the rule of Law and the constitution if it does not at the same time favor their position at any point in time. They point to the quota system which was put in place for the benefit of the North but which was jettisoned by the current government in appointments.

The quit order has elicited several reactions, with not a few linking it to the success of the sit at home order give by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The success of the order was said to have rattled the conservative eggheads of the northern divide, who came together to decide on the state of the Nation in view of Buhari health and the possible full presidency of Yomi Osinbajo, currently the Acting president in the absence of Buhari.

For the second time running, Buhari has gone back to the United Kingdom for medical tourism leaving the northern gladiators to worry about the repeat of the Umaru Musa Yar’adua situation.

Yar’Adua had died in office amid intrigues of the North retaining power, but the situation was saved when the then Senate president, David Mark, conjured up the Doctrine of necessity to empower Goodluck Jonathan, the then Vice President, to become the substantive president. The result was the quit order.

Most reactions were leaning towards advice to the Igbos living in the North to come back home.

But this was told that many of those in the North did not even know of the quit order, that many heard about it for the first time from worried relatives who called them from the south, urging them to return.

Besides wide condemnation by various groups, including Afenifere and the Federal Government, it became clear that the Igbos were just being used as cannon fodders to the actualization of the grand plan of military takeover of government to prevent Osinbajo from taking full control.

Mujahideen Asari Dokubo, retired militant of the Niger Delta, was one of the voices raised. “They have graciously granted us the much sort after Biafran freedom and Independence”, he said. “Alhamdulillah!Let us wait and see how the Gambari Northern Army will convert this chaos that they so desire to a military takeover of Government in other to perpetuate Gambari Northern hegemony.

Adolf Hitler also said and I quote, “Success is the sole earthly judge of right or wrong. I make bold to say that we are right and that they are wrong and that they will surely fail.”

Dokubo has voiced out what many believe is the ultimate aim of the Northern Irridentists: to cause chaos through unguarded utterances, begin a crisis that will engulf all regions and then they will use their surrogates to call for military takeover.

The Military, currently Northern dominated at the helm, will now push out Osinbajo and take over to organize an election at a later date and put back a Northerner. Mission accomplished.

But the plan seems to have hit the rock even before takeoff. There has been vehement opposition to any coup in Nigeria now, and the South west, through their Umbrella group, Afenifere, has made it clear that there will be no support of the North in their hostility against the Igbos.

Besides, despite Dokubo’s position, a new Niger Delta Militant group has also given ultimatum to the North to return all Oil block held by the region before October 1, the same date the Arewa gave Igbos to quit the North.

They also demanded that Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, be relocated to Niger Delta, and all Northerners at the helm of affairs removed. And the middle belt has dissociated themselves from the Core North.

The current heating up of the polity has become worrisome, because it threw up some glaring inconsistencies. When the Arewa youths gave the ultimatum, the Kaduna state governor declared them wanted and asked for their arrest. Till date, nothing has happened. In fact, they held another conference in the same arewa house.

As at the time of filing this report, Ahmed Sule; a man of about 70, who doubles as the secretary-general of Arewa Youth Forum, was on Channels television and was given audience. He is one of those declared wanted by the police.



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