By Ade Joseph Otor

As a curious child, I made it to Otukpo so many years ago to witness the conferment of a Chieftaincy Title on Engr. Edwin Ikwu, a former territorial Czar of NEPA and other illustrious sons from the Idoma kingdom.

The venue was the Och’Idoma Palace, Otukpo.

Edwin Ikwu
Engr. Ikwu, Owowila’k’Idoma 


That day, I was so proud to be an Igede. Everybody at the event could visibly testify to the fact that the Igede honoree took second to no other person. It was a day of reckoning for a successful professional bringing his clouts to bear.

That professional, an electrical engineer, who had been long saddled in the Power sector, was recognized as the Owowila’k’Idoma which literarily means the harbinger of Light to the Idoma kingdom.

Surely, Engr. Eddy Ikwu proved his mettle that day. He brought his connections to Otukpo as everywhere was agog with activities. NEPA, as it was then called, was obviously visible.

Engr. Ikwu was recognized and honoured by his institution of service as the high echelon was in Otukpo. NEPA provided almost all the the vehicles that were used for conveyance.

The many people he empowered through service were all home playing roles for the success of the memorable event.

As we plan for the big one: the coronation of our epochal First Class Chief, I am making a plea to the celebrant to make the Igede nation proud.

We clamoured for a Chief with clout with whom an Igede man will be honoured. A Chief that can raise up our Ogodogodo  in the comity of nations across the country.

We want to see Inspector Generals of Police attend this coronation. We want to see Generals in Oju. We want to have many Commissioners of Police in attendance. We want to see Captains of Industries attend this Coronation.

Let the Governors of Cross River and Ebonyi States be invited. Igede people are in these States. Let’s feel national presence in Igede.

Let all the dignitaries pass through either the Oju -Awarji road or the Otukpo-Oju road. That will be enough experience of our plights.

As they come, Igede should make pleas. Igede should cry out. We must maximize this opportunity to advance a sincere cause.

We may find good helpers to ameliorate our pains of infrastructural decay, pains of youth unemployment leading to southern migration.

Igede is cocooned politically. We can’t be a Senator, we can’t be an SSG. We can’t be a Minister. We can’t even be a Speaker of the State Assembly.

Beyond the coronation, it will be a time to showcase the quality of our Chief. It will also begin to cushion in our minds his acceptability beyond the shores of Igede.

I told my friends that after the presentation of staff of office to the Tor Tiv, I personally saw the surge of authority when Atiku Abubarkar bowed to his Majesty.

We also have titled men from Igede across the country. Sen. David Mark is one of them.

Yes, Igede must tread in globalization. We are looking to having a big day; a fulfilled

Ade Joseph Otor
Ade Joseph Otor



It is my sincere prayer that the good Lord imbues our Adirahu with the needed wisdom, courage, prudence and the cultural segacity to reign in his Majesty.

Igede Ihio!


*Ade is a concerned citizen and public affairs commentator.




  1. I think our new leader should examine the current trends in world politics by placing great important on local stakeholders on how to develop Igede. From the list of committee for coronation, I think they are the best 11 for Igede team but most of them are responsible for our continuous lack of progress as a nation. Some of the personalities with due respect cannot attract development to Igede Nation. They are anti collective development and concern about their stomach.Thus, our new first class should look beyond some of these political liabilities. He should institute committee to look for successful Igede entrepreneurs not only politicians n scholars only. OK, scholars are good as they can generate theories needed for explanation of societal progress and evolution. There are silent Igede entrepreneurs who can attract development to our place through their investment. Iam still afraid if our politics in Igede can generate development? This is because there is a clear relationship between politics and, development. Prof. Claude Ake argument on politics and development is relevant to us. Remember, development has not failed in Igede but it has not started in the first place. Good mor all.

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  2. Fantastic piece dropped by Ade Joseph Otor. We are proud of you for your beautiful commentary on the forthcoming coronation of our first class Chief,HRM Chief Ogah Ero. You can always send some interesting news stories /features stories on Igede nation .Samuel Oga is the publisher/CEO,Leadtimes Africa Magazine. Accept my humble regard.

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