By James Ibechi

 When a governor sacks any of his wise men such as commissioner, even if no reason for it is communicated officially, there is a proclivity that either the official is sacked for non-performance or something relative could be thought responsible.

Conversely, if the government top official is the one that resigns on own volition it is perhaps because the government might have been floundering and not many wise men would be happy to be part of such a government – worse being when the head of that government sees himself as omniscient and no longer takes counseling, whereas in actual sense he knows little, hence you find the appointees one-by-one quitting the government.

That is the way many see the recent resignation of the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications in the government of Governor Nyesome Wike, Mr. Austine Tam George, 24 hours after his colleague in the Works ministry was shown the door by the governor.

Mr. Tam-George wrote in his letter of resignation: “I wish to resign my appointment as Commissioner for Information and Communication with effect from today, June 23, 2017. “I have handed over officially to the Director of Administration of the Ministry.

“Thanks for the opportunity to serve the state.”

Mr. Tam-George did not advance any reason for quitting, but pundits see his resignation as a sign of Wike administration’s floundering in the oil-rich state south of Nigeria, with some predicting that other top members of the state exco would soon follow suit days or weeks ahead.

True to prediction, 48 hours later, in what looked like a fast move to outsmart other commissioners intent on embarrassing the governor with a mass resignation from his administration, as it was imminent, the governor quickly dissolved the cabinet, so it would be better read ‘he sacked the cabinet’ than ‘they resigned’.

According to Wike, the dissolution was carried out at the right time after due consultation with the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

He said: “The dissolution was done to enable the machinery of government to move the state forward; this is when you know those who are loyal and those who are not loyal.

“There is no crack in government; we are working together. The dissolution was done in consultation with the leadership of PDP in the state,” Mr. Wike said.

However, pundits say there was a serious crack occasioned by the resignation of the administration’s spokesman, which reason, they say the governor had opaqued by the cabinet dissolution.

The governor had come under internal criticism as “chasing shadow and frivolities at the detriment of governance” which is a serious business, in recent times.


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