In the dawn of a new political era, the agitation for the restructuring of Nigeria has become very loud due to an increasing political awareness. Across the nation, the young and the old are united in a vision for a new political beginning. The old era discriminated against some regions, emasculated critical political zones of the country and bred mediocrity. It is outmoded by modernity and lack a place in an emerging global vision of fairness and equity.  

From the north to the south, the young and the old seeking a fair distribution of political opportunities among the regions are assertive of a new political culture in Nigeria. Their demand for equity and fairness and an end to a culture of marginalization which prevailed against an emerging political consciousness formed the basis of an agitation for restructuring.

The sign of equity and fairness is visible on the Nigerian political horizon. It can be seen in Benue State too. It is an amenable sign that does not only brighten the chance of Idoma emerging as Governor and Igede as Senator in Zone C, but also seeks an end to mutual hatred and suspicion that hinders the unity of the various ethnic strata in Benue State.    

As things are in the Benue South Senatorial District ( Zone C), only OLD OJU, among the political tripod, has not had the opportunity to produce Senator from the zone. Between 1979 and 1992, one leg of the tripod, OLD OKPOKWU produced the Senator from the zone. In 1999, OLD OTUKPO took its turn.  It is only fair and rational that OLD OJU succeeds old Otukpo as Senator in 2019.       

The emergence of OLD OJU as Senator from Zone C in the next political dispensation is critical to the Idoma political cause. Not only will it give verve and credibility to Idoma agitation for fairness and equity in the larger political space in Benue State, it will also earn the confidence of  Igede and gain their support to the Idoma political quest.

History confirms a brotherly relationship between Idoma and Igede. There is therefore, a growing support to Igede agitation for Senate in Idomaland. Igede should explore the opportunity of this relationship and seek Idoma’s formal approval of her aspiration in 2019.  Idoma’s magnanimity cannot be doubted, let Igede exploit it.

It is time Idoma walk the talk. The talk on equity and fairness should go beyond rhetoric and crystalize into a practical reality. Igede’s quest for Senate in 2019 is a litmus test Idoma has to pass to validate her advocacy for fairness in politics. This is a moment for thought.

Culled from “Eco Voice”


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