By Ugaba Emmanuel

Obi LGA, created in 1996 has witnessed several administrations during the military regime when it was created and the current ongoing democratic dispensation. Peter Onche e

However, history has it now that Hon. Peter Onche is the 7th democratically elected Executive Council Chairman. That is to say the local government is enjoying the 7th Executive council administration and the 5th legislative Assembly working alongside the executive.

One thing that is peculiar to this administration is that the Executive Council Chairman had served as Sole Administrator for six months before his emergence as elected Executive Chairman.

This was courtesy of Governor Ortom’s olive branch to deserving party men and women in the state that fought to usurp power from the uneventful 16 years reign of PDP in the state.

During the six months period that Hon. Peter Onche served as Sole Administrator of Obi LGA, he demonstrated a rare quality of character, humility, purposeful leadership, high taste for development, peace and unity.

His emergence as the Executive Chairman this time around did not come as a surprise, it was expected because he is a man that embraced every body regardless of political party inclination and in accordance to his statement ” I have come to serve the people of Obi but not any individual” meaning that his mission is masses oriented.

In order to actualise his mission, he has mapped out three areas as his administration’s policy thrust.

These areas are Agriculture, Education and Infrastructural development.

On Agriculture, Hon. Peter Onche, in aligning with Governor Ortom administration’s agricultural based industrialization policy, considers agriculture as the gate way to rural development and economic emancipation.

Obi is rich in agriculture in all ramifications and in order to develop economically, agricultural driven industrialization must be given its rightful place in the administration’s policy initiative.

Education is another key area in Hon. Peter Onche led administration. Education is expensive but ignorance is more expensive. In his plan to promote education in Obi LGA, his approach will be percussive in the first instance to discourage parents from sending their children and wards to southwestern Nigeria to work as House girls/boys and in plantation farms. He plans to provide incentives for those willing to go to school and study. Thank God, the school feeding program, an initiative of the President Buhari administration is aimed at promoting education starting from the primary level which, according to him, is the foundation. This, he plans to pursue it with all vigor and to tackle teachers tooting problems, as he promised to work in synergy with the state government so as to actualise the objective. rates

Development in any given area is seen via the presence of social and economic infrastructures. His policy thrust on infrastructure is anchored on building edified structures that will enhance socioeconomic development. Such structures will include administrative and commercial buildings that will stand the test of the time.

In order to implement his administration’s policy objectives, on July 6, 2017, he appointed and swore in the following Supervisory Councilors that will assist him in the implementation of the administration’s agenda.

1. Hon. Ruskin Udo, Vice Chairman & Supervisor for Agriculture

2. Hon. Obia Alukpo, Supervisor for Education

3. Hon. Ibe Igwe, Supervisor for Revenue

4. Hon. Clement Okwute, Supervisor for Works

5. Hon. Job Ogor, Supervisor for Health and Human Services and

6. Hon. Mrs. Abiaigwe Obokpo Ebolo, Supervisor for Finance.

With the above appointments among others such as Special Advisers and personal Aids, the administration is set to be on the move to the top with Hon. Peter Onche on the driving seat controlling the wheel of progress and development.


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