Commissioning of the Ode Emmanuel Medical Centre, Oju earlier announced to hold on August 1 has been re-slated for Monday, August 7, 2017.

The change of date is to enable the hospital fine tune the arrangements and preparations for its effective take off to serve its utmost purpose of establishment, which is to render quality medicare to the entire people of Igede at the most affordable rate compared to its contemporaries world over.

A state posted on Emmanuel Ode facebook page says efforts have being on to collaborate with international agencies to give Igede people the very best.

It further says, “The man of international repute, Prof. Ode Emmanuel, wouldn’t rest until Igede is fully emancipated from the shackles of underdevelopment and poverty, hence he’s poised to invest his last Kobo in Igede.

“In line with this unfathomable gesture, he has graciously decided to grant a 3 days free medical services to the entire Igede nation. This will include testing, consulting, prescription and treatment. During the cause of these services, no question of origin shall be asked except the ability to speak Igede language fluently.

“We hereby urge all Igede personalities to key in to this life transforming encounter.

“A copy of this shall be transmitted live on Choice FM.”

The statement assures Igede people of the best treatment and understanding.

“We wish our people above all that they maybe in good health and prosper,” it added.



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