By Akoko J. Smith

If the news and the celebration renting the air is anything to go by, then it is already repetition to say that the Idoma youth under the aegis of Idoma National Youth Forum(INYF) within themselves have, in the spirit of equity and fairness, relinquished the Benue Zone C senatorial slot for their Igede brothers_Old Oju.

Akoko J Smith


This development is unarguably an indication that politics which was previously perceived to be game of number could become otherwise when negotiation and mutual understanding is in place — although the most important question is if the likes of Abba Moro, Usman Abubakar(Young Alhaji) etc will fold their hands and watch the youth freely give out what they believe to be their birthright when they have the wherewithal to wrest it.

Whichever way, thinking about where we have been and where we long dreamed to be, it is increasingly important to receive the sunshine with open arms and make hay accordingly, and so, the ongoing uproarious excitement is quite acceptable within justified reasons. Luck, moreover, smiles on those who dare to take.

At that, yet, several thoughts have flitted many minds; all of mixed feelings; of joy and of doubts, in relation to the various existing political ambitions among our leaders and the controversy surrounding the zoning formula.

Regardless of the zoning formula, however, Rt Hon. Nick Eworo and Hon. Samson Okwu cannot be forgotten in a hurry in predictive analyses of this kind. This is not to say there are no credible candidates in other parts of Igede for this exalted position, but the duo undoubtedly have the rave of the moment with greater influence and political stamina by reason of their proximity with the government of the day. And considering the fact that Hon. Okwu is running his last term in the house of representatives — or so I think — he stands the vantage position to clinch the golden opportunity unhindered, while we reasonably consider the person of Hon. Nick Eworo for succession. Hon. Okwu’s intimacy with the outgoing senator, Dr David Mark, perhaps, lends credence to this thought.

More so, that the people of Igede have decided on two terms for each candidate makes Hon. Okwu more fit for senate than the third tenure for HoR which his supporters may wish for him. And veering the former, being the decision of his people, for the lather, which is his supporters’ wish may be interpreted as matching his individual might against the collective muscular arm of his people.

In a nutshell, while the oratory Hon. Nick Eworo goes for house of representative, Hon. Samson Okwu should brace up for the acme to balance the system. And to clear impressions, it should be borne in mind that even though I have fairly cogent reasons for drawing the conclusion, that the duo are my Obi brothers is not one of them. Only if we think like that we could thrive amidst the impending challenges inherent in the demanding movement.

This observation cum suggestion may only hold sway if James Ibechi’s erstwhile analysis of Oju/Obi HoR for 2019 that culminated at the cancellation of zoning is to be reckoned with. In essence, therefore, it is susceptible to subsequent correction. But let it be established that this writer is an advocate of zoning system which has allowed for healthy and symbiotic political relationship between Oju and Obi since the return to democracy. Igede ka ha!


*Smith is a versity student and wrote in from Makurdi, Benue State


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