By Andyson Iji Egbodo

Last weekend at the extension of the house of the late sage, Adutu Igede, His Royal Majesty Ikande Idikwu, People of all ages and status from far and near gathered to witness a celebration of love. EWORO 5

For the last weekend’s, Iroko, the Deputy Majority Leader of the Benue State House of Assembly, Quintessential Rt Hon Nick Eworo and his Gorgeous wife, Adiya were the reason for the August occasion.

So amazing, Celebration of love by couples that have been married with children appears to be novel, to even people that would pass for a point as educated, in this part of the Country. No wonder, series of questions came guessed. So many of the probes were apparently anchored by third placed sentiments either out of fear of the rising profiles of the celebrants. It’s so demeaning to read someone says the celebration has 2019 project encapsulated in it. What is 2019 other than the year after next year? Never mind, to all those that couldn’t eat any longer when you remember the name Nick Eworo, I pray peace returns to your hearts. I feel very big and thankful to God that in a short time, We, his media team have been able to build a brand that sends people running helter skelter when NICK EWORO is mentioned.EWORO 11

Let’s go a bit memory lane. Former Governor Gabriel Suswam did celebration of love with his wife of so many years only after he became governor.

It was in that occasion his wife, a Yoruba woman was named Dooshima. The ocassion was splitted into two, one in Osun while the other was in Benue. Was 2019 encapsulated in it? Gen. Yakubu Gowon became Head of State before he did celebration of love with his wife, Victoria, was 2019 in that picture? One of the best Chairmen in recent history of Oju LGA, Igodo Ogaji Bright did celebration of love with his wife of many years just few years ago, was 2019 in that picture? Adams Oshiomhole did celebration of love on seat as Governor of Edo State, was 2019 in that picture? We can go on and on.

If we want to x-Ray some of our leaders in this country that have married two wives, let’s start from South Africa please. Nelson Mandela married two wives. Governor Ortom married two wives. Olusegun Obasanjo married many wives. David Mark married many wives. George akume married two wives. Muhammadu Buhari married two wives. Mention any part of our constitution that prohibits anybody from marrying two wives please. It’s African to marry two or more wives if you have the capacity to take care of them well. My Father-Inlaw, His Royal Majesty Ikande Idikwu married sixteen wives and up till date, we are yet to have an embodiment of knowledge like him amongst Igede people the world over.

Marrying many wives is by all standards better than the ugly scenarios where some of our leaders go chasing their younger ones wives like recently in a nearby LGA close to that of my mother’s. That is not where our problems dwell.

So, what is actually the problem? The quagmire revolves round the short sightedness of so many of our people either in leadership positions or followership positions. Some people whose head and thinking capacity appears turned upside down have elected to pander to petty sentiments in a desperate attempt to ridicule and smear reputation built over the years at all times.

And why do they think that way, they couldn’t build an acceptable brand in their Ogas. Perhaps their Oga doesn’t even do much more than pictorial expressions in air buses meant to fight Boko Haram in the bush.

The earlier we learn that the trend won’t lead us anywhere the better. I have not written pieces like this for a while now. Not that we fell short of capacity but our problems as a people, I discovered, can be better tackled when only when we see ourselves as partners in the Igede Agenda and eschew unnecessary bitterness against ourselves.

Some people are so talented in mischief making. All they do is fanning the embers of discord amongst the leaders. There is no game of rivalry between Igede political leaders. It’s their PAs that often create those abstract logjam which don’t exist in real sense. The brand, Nick Eworo is special in all senses.

Take it or leave, no Jupiter can stop an idea whose time has come. Nick Eworo is not thinking about 2019. The year 2019 and its fullness are in the hands of God, the giver of everything. It may interest you to go through the pictorial; the occasion was a huge success.

*Egbodo is Senior Special Assistant Public Communication and Social Media to Deputy Majority Leader, Benue State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo



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