*— As he redeems promised N199k for Gabriel’s medicals

 By James Ibechi

 For the former Executive Chairman of Oju LGC of Benue State and Chairman, Synergy Foundation, Chief Bright Igodo Ogaji, Igede Agba Festival should not just be a fest for celebrating the arrival of new yam, but should also be a perfect occasion for promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Igede people to the world.

Not just that, Igodo believes strongly that if well exploited Igede Agba has the potential to unite all Igede people in all areas of their life. ig 5

The ex-council boss who has never been bereft of ideas at any given time, therefore successfully used the cultural festival to unite the Igede people at a time when political leanings, clannish cleavages and primordial sentiments were fast dividing them into disparate lines and camps. He used the 2013 elaborate and expanded festivities which he co-organised with then Obi LG boss, Ode Michael Abi, in collaboration with the repositories of Igede tradition and culture to achieve an unprecedented unity in Igede nation.ig 8

Some of the highpoints of that year Igede Agba festival included a formation of Agba Foundation – which was solely a brainchild of Igodo as then chairman of Oju LGC; he also doled out a car prize to the winner of Igede Beauty Pageant, just as he beamed Igede rich culture and heritages to the world through NTA and other media of mass communication, for the purpose of drawing tourists, developers and investors alike to Igedeland, among other things.

It is on record that Igodo alongside Ode Abi reenacted same feat in 2014 Igede Agba Festival. Unfortunately, it is axiomatically said that Igede people have a knack for initiating beautiful ideas, but lack the will both politically and otherwise to commit to the sustainability of the ideas.

That’s why many people are today not surprised that successive administrations have not been able to sustain Igodo’s development programs a few years after he left office, let alone surpass them.

Perhaps, it is against that backdrop and as this year’s festival draws close, that Igodo, while redeeming his support of N199 000 towards Gabriel Adode’s medicals, he has called on all Agba sons and daughters and other development partners to unite in the mood and spirit of the Igede Agba festivity, not only to build on his good legacies but for the good, progress, peace and development of Igede nation.

The former council boss sends season’s greetings, wishing Igede nation a happy Igede Agba celebration.


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