By James Ibechi

Gabriel Adode’s Neurofibromatosis (not his’) infection is worsening even in the midst of some helps from donors like Frank Alochu and Bright Ogaji Igodo from the Diaspora.

His condition has continued to generate pity and concern.  adode 1

He needs more help and prayers against forces of evil, as it would seem that evil forces seem to be trying to speedily kill him perhaps on getting the tips that the boy has started getting the helps he needs for his surgical operations. Yet this is no superstitious belief.

Days before surgical operations are about to begin on him at the BSUTH the boy’s condition yesterday appeared to have worsened with a bigger swelling and inflammation in the affected part of his body.

He needs money, prayers and I believe that good people in Benue and all over the world are equal to the task and would rise to the occasion like it happened in the case of acid bathed UNIMAID student, Franca Ogbu in 2011 with Engr. Morgan Okwoche, Hon. Patricia Ori Kupchi and Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo providing the backbone, coordination, direction and financial helps that saw Franca Ogbu winning the battle of her life in India.

It is time again to reenact the Franca Ogbu episode. Blessed is the hand that giveth to the poor.

Gabriel Adode needs your help now. He thanks Igodo and Alochu for donating to his treatment.

Help can reach him through the following information and Bank Account Number:

Name : Gabriel Adode

Bank: Union Bank

Account Number: 0064380376

Telephone: 07035592020 (Ogi John)



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