Being a text of speech delivered by the Coordinator of Igede Positive Youths for Ortom 2019, Emmanuel Oko, when the group visited Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom on Sept. 11, 2017, at the People’s House, Makurdi.

Today is a great day to all of us gathered here to witness the endorsement of our amiable Governor, Chief Samuel Ortom by the Igede Positive Youths. We count it a rare privilege and we thank the Almighty God for making this day a reality and to you for the opportunity granted to s in spite of the crowded nature of your schedule. igede ortom 2

Indeed we are happy to be counted among the numerous admirers of this administration, to be specific, let me say that we are proud by the grace of God to be part of the group, the foot soldiers which installed this administration which has yielded the dividends and sought about the victory and joy that we and indeed the Benue People are sharing today.

The foresight and the collective faith we and the good people of Benue have in the able and dynamics leadership of your Excellency heightened our collective resolve and to work assiduously for the enthronement of this administration, we consider it worthwhile to express our sincere appreciation to God for the well- matched , like minded and compatible pair, and to say a very big congratulations for making yourself an instrument of God in this regards, especially in the struggle to deliver Benue people from the doldrums of acute poverty and underdevelopment.

Your Excellency Sir, when you came in as Governor 29th May 2015, you met a lot of challenges ranging from shortage of funds compared to what was coming into the state as her allocation, security problems, poverty and underdevelopment. You started work of rebuilding Benue just like what Nehemiah did in the Bible which met with stiff neck people like Sanballat and Tobias trying to stop your good work and the Ahitophes who were bent on given advices that would prevent you from doing the good work that God laid in your heart for Benue People , but today , God has helped you so far and we can count even with the lean resources what and what you have done for the people of the state whom you have come to govern and in particular Igede Nation. 

Your Excellency Sir, we have watched keenly this administration’s effort to put Benue State in the front banner, we want to appreciate you for that and to say thank you that Igede Nation is not left out in all your programmes. Your giant strides in the areas of agriculture (you have built and equipped for use the Beneseed clearing and processing plant at Oju Local Government), when this is fully put to use , our Beneseed would be exported to other countries of the world , we say thank you Sir. Health, (graduation of three sets of medical students from Benue State University, of which Igede sons are among, building and equipping of four primary health care in Oju, provision of Aso Rock Villa standard ambulance to Oju General Hospital, this may sound funny, but in critical situations of health, what we have in Oju General hospital can help take care of emergency. We say thank you Sir. Infrastructural developments such as rural roads, the ongoing Oju-Obusa-Idelle- Utonkon rod which you have mobilized back to site and they are working, rural electrification at Ibilla and Uje are all your strides. Education: construction/ renovation of over 700 classrooms across that state with a lot of these in both Oju and Obi to boost healthy school environment for greater learning. Social welfare schemes for women, N-power targeted at the youths of which many Igede sons and daughters are beneficiaries.

Sir, your role as a leader in signing into law the anti-opening grazing bill passed by the State House of Assembly which today has curbed farmers/ herders clash, the recent deployment of soldiers to Igede land for Igede Agba day celebration to forestall break down of law is a show of love for Igede Nation, your amnesty programme which have been embraced by other State Governors are all thoughtful of you and we say thank you.

Your Excellency Sir, Igede Nation cannot forget you in history today, what we have cried for years have been made possible by you, the appointment of 1st class stool (Adirahu Ny-Igede) , which you stood for , allowing the Igede people to choose their ruler , not only this, your singular stand to allow the traditional institution to be controlled by Almighty God, using Bible as a standard, taking oath of office by it, God is happy with you and Igede men and women are happy with you, God cannot watch you lose election, thank you for choosing the way of God, this same God will deliver you in critical situations as such times of election.

Sir, we thank you for the appointment of Igede sons and daughters into positions of authority in your government , first in history during your regime we have Head of Service, D.G Planning Commission, Board Chairmen, GM, Directors of Boards, Members of Boards as well as Commissioner and Adviser in your cabinet, for the first time too, we have a Federal Commissioner in NPC, D.G National Mathematical Centre and may others which you are yet to do this in your administration, we say thank you your Excellency.

Sir, Igede Positive Youths for Ortom 2019 came into being as a result of a careful look into what you have done and what we believe you can still do, indeed some are negative about you, saying nothing good can come out of this administration again but we as children of God, believing completely that better is the end of a matter than the beginning which have started to witness with the recession going out. We believe that, if we continue in prayers to God for the state, Our Governor and his team and having a positive view towards our leaders, taking completely those things that be not as though they were, we shall finish in faith match onto victory ground with our Governor.

This group has its activities scattered across the 23 wards of Oju and Obi, all the 218 polling units in the two local government councils are well coordinated with the sole aim of giving orientation to our youths and mobilizing support for your return to Benue Peoples House come 2019, the group also have elders committee in the two local government and media crew which are also here to witness the occasion.

The aims and objectives of the group are as follows:

• To bring Chief Dr. Samuel Ortom back to power in 2019 by the grace of God.

• To sensitize Igede youths on the activities of Government towards enhancing their welfare.

• To give the youths of Igede right direction to follow and for them to be optimistic about the government of Governor Samuel Ortom.

• To equip the youths of Igede for them to be agents of this lasting and enduring change.

• To put the youths of Igede in the right spirit of hard work, perseverance, consistency and being innovative.

• To inform the youth of their centrality in the change agenda Government and to debar them from being used as thugs for the selfishness of some politicians against their wellbeing.

• To sensitise the youths towards selecting leaders of their choice who will be committed to their welfare

• To say the truth, stand by it, defend the truth in the government which believe in the truth as future leaders

• To let the youths of Igede know what good people can be in power and for them to support such, root for such people who will have concern for them,

• To support all leaders in authority with prayers , fear and sacrifices as ordained by God.

Your Excellency Sir, while we were on this issue, we interacted with some prominent Igede sons and daughters in your government who were quite happy and gave us financial and moral support to see us succeed. The following therefore are worthy of not for their effort and your commendation.

 Rt. Hon . Odukelaho Nick Eworo

 Barr. Patricia Kupchi

 Mr. Agbogbo Moses Ode

 Hon. Mrs Ladi Ajene Isegbe

 Mr. Linus Ojeka Ode

 Hon Amity Ijuo

 Dr. Sunday Edo

 Prof. Johnson Onah

The list if supporters is endless, even until this morning, your Excellency Sir, many were calling to appreciate our effort, please Sir, help us thank them for standing by us and their faith in you.

Your Excellency Sir, while we thank you for your efforts at stabilizing the state inspite of the lean resources, we want to also beg you for the followings:

 We thank you for including Awajir –Oju road into the 2017 budget, we plea that work should commence on the road as soon as there is financial improvement, this will ease our campaign as that road is a major challenge to our people both young and old, in the same vein, we know how you are bent on arresting the contractors handling Aliade –Obarike –Ito road, please Sir, help us do something on the road to ease our campaign

 Head of Service Sir, we thank you for loving Igede Nation, some politicians after winning election would not mind the people that voted them and their promises, you gave Igede Nation Head of Service for almost two years, today, it is no longer the turn of Igede people, but Sir we are appealing to you , knowing quite well the shortness of the tenure of the current HOS, that as he bows out, an Igede man should be appointed to fill the position which will also ease our campaign.

 Your Excellency Sir, Igede Nation have only one SSA with you now, while we thank you Sir for not forgetting us we want to plea that our sons and daughters are very much capable to handle such positions as SSA and SA , if you consider us for these posy, we shall be more equipped for the task ahead .

 Employment Sir, we know employment is not ongoing in the state now, but where it is necessary for replacement, please Sir our sons and daughters should be considered Sir, we further appeal that the LG workers both in Oju and Obi who are actually no ghost be considered and restored, is our candid appeal.

 Sir, because of the challenges of unemployment, we want to appeal to you for loans to enable the youths of Igede be self-employed.

 Your Excellency Sir, this group is poised towards salvaging every nook and crannies of Igede Nation for your victory come 2019. To ease our movement therefore, we want to beg for one Bus which would be branded in our name for all our tours and campaigns, also Sir, we are temporarily occupying office which is not ours, we wish to appeal for assistance to enable us get an office accommodation in the two L.G.A and all our 23 wards for a well coordination of our activities.

Your Excellency Sir, we therefore would not be surprise if you indeed kindly consider our request to run again in 2019 as we declare total support both in Oju and Obi Local Government Area.

As a leader and a good team player whose impeccable record of services are open and are unchallenged , we have the conviction that given you second chance come 2019 smile will once again return to the faces of our dear Benue People.

As foot soldiers we know the terrains therefore , we want to assure your Excellency that we are prepared to work again and ensure that the dream come true, Igede Nation is for you Sir.

This speech cannot be ended without however expressing or sincere gratitude to you and this administration on behalf of Igede Nation for the cordial relationship with our leaders ; Rt. Hon Nick Eworo, Hon Mrs Ladi Ajene Isege, Dr. Sunday Edo, Mr Linus Ode, Hon Amity Ijuo, Hon Austine Okwoche and Hon Peter Onche and lots of others.

Once again, Your Excellency Sir, we are grateful for the audience granted us .

Thank You Sir and may God Almighty bless you.


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