By James Ibechi

 A minutest percent of the Igede voting public, Igede Positive Youths for Ortom 2019, seems to see into the future, cues into it and the action has quite baffled a great Igede public.

Emma Oko
EMMANUEL OKO, Coordinator, Igede Positive Youths for Ortom


Yet, the youths’ action might be in the best interest of the generality of the entire Igede race when a second look is taken at it. Who knows!

Or how can one explain the endorsement of the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, for re-election by the group of Igede youths whereby the action is eliciting disproportionately harsh reactions not just against the youths, but also against the governor?

The position of the anti-Ortom people is simply that the governor should not return for a second term in 2019. Their reasons have already been tackled, but it seems they are not shifting ground which suggests there is an entrenched interest somewhere.

It would be said that while the position of the Pro-Ortom youths as well as that of those against him are all within the ambit of the law and are a beauty of democracy, a very important point I think being missed by the antagonists from Igede is that, a sum total of Igede votes which is a little less than ten percent of the entire Benue votes, going by INEC demography, is grossly insignificant in deciding who wins governorship poll in the state.

This means an incumbent Ortom does not necessarily need Igede’s votes to win, if Tiv people give him their own.

And it is interesting to know that, from the last two expanded stakeholders’ meeting that were held at the Benue People’s House in Makurdi, Governor Ortom returned home endorsed to continue to second term, after his  performances were thoroughly assessed.

So you would argue: what difference then will it make if Igede withhold their votes from Ortom in 2019? There is absolutely no difference neither is there crack on the wall, because Ortom can still win poll with or without their 10 percent vote. But our people like to shy away from the stark reality and make those of us who do not, and call a spade a spade, as targets of insult.

What the Igede youths did only lends credence to the direction the state is going. Forget the criticisms.

It, therefore, makes you wonder how then the Igede youths could afford not to do what they did on Monday.

For if anything, they deserve applause for their foresight and gift of political clairvoyance, the scorn they get from their mates on the divide notwithstanding.

I make this point because, Igede people  with their deficiency in number when scaled against the Tiv and Idoma populations have never been in opposition and cannot afford to be in 2019.

So, the best is to resolve to support Governor Ortom who is already winning the endorsements of the greater majority of Benue stakeholders.

Why not face the stark reality, my people?


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