• By Emmanuel Ugaba

    The recent strike action embarked upon by Benue state workers opened an avenue for people to discuss and paint the good administration of Governor Ortom in bad light.

    The governor was given several demeaning names at beer parlours, market places and on the streets.

    Those of us that a pro government are regarded as evil agents and humiliated, saying because we are the beneficiaries of the loots by the administration, we are blinded to see the evils done to the workers.

    Dialogue is a strong weapon that can quell all confrontations. It is capable of disarming all issues of discord between contending parties.

    The dialogue approach adopted by Governor Ortom to resolve the workers strike over nonpayment of salaries as when due, culminating into several months of backlogs of arrears is a welcome development.

    However, it is to be noted that the the issues were not just resolved without thorough and forensic investigations of the state’s incomes and disbursements over time to prove the sincerity of government on the paucity of funds as reasons for the delay in the payments of workers salaries.

    The agreement that was signed by the government of Benue state, the state labour union and witnessed by the national labour union to end the strike action embarked upon over a week ago is a vindication of Governor Ortom’s transparency, accountability, sincerity and above all government of inclusiveness.


    Now that Governor Ortom is absolved of diverting workers’ salaries for personal aggrandizement, let us all rise in support of his administration, offer useful advises/suggestions to him on how together we will be able to develop Benue state rather than criticizing him negatively. I rest my case for now, those who have ears and eyes, let them hear and see.


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