The Public Complaints Commissioner overseeing Benue State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has urged President Mohammadu Buhari to take the war on corruption with iron fist

He made the appeal recently in a message on the President’s 75th Birthday Anniversary, which he personally signed and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Makurdi.

Tsav advised Buhari to “take the war on corruption with a hot iron where whoever touches it gets burnt. It should not be politicised”.

“Some of his age mates have advised him to emulate Nelson Mandella and not go in for a second tenure, while others have advised him to go in and complete his mission.

“Nigeria is ravaged by corruption, greed and injustice and only a person like President Buhari who is known for his uncompromising integrity, can salvage this country from the rot we have inherited.

“Age does not really matter here. After all he is not going in for a boxing or wrestling bout.

“Any Nigerian who truly loves this country and wishes her a buoyant future for the future generation should not only encourage President Buhari to go for a second tenure but also vote for him.



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