(Tribute to late Esther Ode, daughter of Dr. Ibn Ode Iganga)

By Ben Obega

Do not ask me whoever propounded the theorem of patience as a great virtue for mankind.

Every day, if not within an hour, incidence of pains leaving man in an ocean of confusion continues to remind man, the giant creature, of his insecurity in the hands of Almighty DEATH.

When will this eternal hero choose to be kind to man?

Sicknesses that gradually prepare the mortal body to his grave are a better option, making man to painfully admire his earlier stage in life.

As if such means of prosecution is not enough, many, not just in a battle front or in locomotive accident, fall victims of spiritual arrows in the night that result to complex “…..complex forms of tragedy, extremely difficult to handle mostly in a caner realm of life.”

Those who can even give a narrative of the inflicting pain, of one form of incrimination or the other, pave their ways to short and long term imprisonment, if not life sentence that gives terminal record of how journey is……………….. Metaphorically, in most cases, sympathizers have the same risk like seasonal victims as he or she begins to pay sad tribute to the relatives of the immediate victims, the echo of painful reminder of his or her departed blood regenerated awaiting his own unknown painful exit day.

With all this critical analysis of pain through how, Almighty death is our friend; I have no choice but to conclude that: not only those that have gone to the battle and lost are the casualties of the war, but you and I……For the days are evil, we should redeem the time…..

Comrade Ben Obega, a House of Representatives Aspirant, in the 2019 race wrote in from Abuja


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