*Why we cancel Jan. 3 event

By Editors

 When the Editorial Director of jamesibechi.com first announced towards the end of last year that the online news medium is institutionalizing Person of the Year Award it was intent on celebrating the newsblog’s major newsmakers whose marked activities had influenced the news and our lives for good in the past year.

The award is hoped to become a global institution.

Subsequently, jamesibechi.com’s editors chose those involved in Youth, Educational and Community Development, Philanthropy, Local Government Administration, Humanitarian Service, and Leadership, to bestow the Jamesibechi.com Person of the Year (2017) title to them.

From the online poll conducted to get the general view of the public, whilst Chief Frank Alochu Ikpobu, President of Alochu Foundation for the Less Privileged picked the star prize, Amb (Dr) Dickson A.O Akoh picked the title in the area of Community Development; Hon. George Alli (as Best LG Chairman); Chief Ochi Ode Emmanuel (Excellence in Leadership); Comr. Austin Agada (Youth Ambassador); Prof. Ode Emmanuel (Educational Development); Dr. Joseph Ngbea (Humanitarian Service); Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo (Politics) and Hon. Peter Onche (Prudence) among others, picked the title in the various areas bracketed.

Jamesibechi.com initially slated the award for Jan.3, 2018. It was to be held at Benue Hotels, Makurdi.

Unfortunately, the ugly incident of the killing of Benue people by the blood spilling herdsmen which had plunged Benue State into a sorrowful mood and the protests that occasioned in the wake of the killings had made us to shelve the much publicized award event, as a demonstration of our sensitivity to the act of wickedness visited on the state yet again by the killer-Fulani herders.

Instead, we had duly informed our awardees with apology for any unforeseen inconvenience, that our team of editors would visit them individually at their convenience to present the jamesibechi.com Person of the Year awards to them in low key and unelaborate moments.

However, the presentation of the awards would be done in the full glare of the local, national media and journalists, just as a special or bumper edition of jamesibechi.com would be issued in print.

The public would like to place advertorials, adverts or even congratulatory messages and other commercials on the publication; we would be available for contact.

The special publication, beyond going to give details about the jamesibechi.com Person of the Year Award, the plan of the newsblog to expand this year and the information about the editors behind the blog, it will also profile the awardees.

So, we set out tomorrow with a visit to George Alli, Otukpo LG Chairman, who wins jamesibechi.com Person of the Year 2017 as Best LG Chairman in Benue State.

While we congratulate these icons in the various areas in which they have earned our honour, we would of course inundate the readers with the reasons why in our view they have so distinguished themselves.

So, Who is George Alli, to begin with, and why are we honouring him? Watch out.



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