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Being a text of speech delivered by Chief Francis Alochu Ikpobu, President and Founder, Alochu Foundation for the Less Privileged on the occasion of the empowerment of 110 Orphans and Youths on January 2, 2018


First of all, I would like to appreciate God Almighty for His abundant grace which has made it possible for all of us to gather in this hall today. May His name be glorified for giving us a reason to be here again in a space of one-year. I salute the Board of Directors of Alochu Foundation for its collective efforts in making this occasion a reality. I consider today and the purpose of our gathering very dear to my heart. And it is a privilege to welcome our distinguished, special guests and all of you who have braced the real and imagined odds including the prevailing economic hardship to be here.

That you are here is a testament to the fact that you believe in the cause of humanity which is the solemn basis of this occasion organised by Alochu Foundation for the Less Privileged

Today, much like last January when we were able to reach out to over 67 poor widows, we are thankful to God that we are going to empower over 110 youths and orphans.

As you may have known, Alochu Foundation is a non-profit, charity organization dedicated to the uplifting of the downtrodden and less privileged in our society. So, it would be interesting to point out that the foundation is neither a governmental outfit nor is it a political organization by any means; but purely a humanitarian set up.

We are glad to note that in the past few years, this organization had tried in its little ways to put smiles on the faces of indigent students in terms of scholarship award, as well as payment of school fees for others who would have otherwise dropped out of schools on account of poverty. We are indeed grateful to God.

By the grace of God, the foundation has also striven to provide sources of water and electricity to some communities in  Oju Umoda, Ukpa and Obachita in particular, in Oju LGA, to mention but a few.

Again, looking at the level of neglect of not just the poor parents and their wards in schools and widows, but also the general lack of development of Igedeland, I feel no man who is blessed and with a blood of human kindness running in him can afford to ignore the worsening condition of his own people.

Yet, no one tree, it is said, can make a forest. There is need for us, as a people united by one language and blood, to come together, to forge a common front to be able to tackle our common problem in Igedeland. May I also seize this opportunity to encourage us all to support the little Alochu Foundation  is giving to these orphans and youths today.

With the little Alochu Foundation is giving to a few orphans and youths in our midst today, I believe this gesture will stimulate relevant agencies, individuals and governmental bodies to toe same path of making our society and life worth living, in similar ways.

For the purpose of emphasis, I am for now the sole financier of  Alochu Foundation for the Less Privileged and this time, we focusing on empowerment  of youths and orphans.

Alochu Foundation is today empowering a carefully selected over 106 youths and orphans who are drawn across the 23 council wards of Oju and Obi LGAs, with the hope that as the organisation grows in leap and bound and with supports from individuals, donor organisations, same succour will be extended to more needy in our society since empowerment of the less priviged is the cardinal objective of this foundation,

May I candidly urge all the benefitting youths as well as the parents of the orphans of today empowerment from Alochu Foundation to apply judiciously the little cash empowerment from Alochu Foundation to the most critical and multipliable areas of their needs as much as possible.

I wish to use this opportunity to appeal to relevant government agencies, politicians, individuals and organisations as well as well-to-do businessmen and women to unite, support the cause of humanity in which vanguard our foundation has found itself. So we can together develop Igedeland, Benue, Nigeria and the world in general.

Be blessed, and be a blessing to others.


Thanks for coming.


Chief Frank Alochu Ikpobu

President and Founder

Alochu Foundation

Odochu 1 of Ukpa


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