*Builds fire service station to serve whole of Benue Zone C

* Challenges other LG chairmen on performance

Winner of jamesibechi.com Person of the Year 2017 (Local Government Administration) or call him Best Benue LG Chairman of the Year, Hon. George Alli of Otukpo LGC, while accepting and appreciating the award from jamesibechi.com team of editors, made a heart-lifting revelations of some of his achievements that had never been known to journalists, challenging his co-chairmen to level up to him. It is a must-read.

I want to say a very big thank you to jamesibechi.com and to say a very big thank you to Benue Social Media crew not just because of I am getting today or is not just because of what I have done that I have deserved this award, but because you guys have projected me to the other world for people to see. Morgan Adikwu has done extremely well about me. All of you have shared Morgan’s stories – same thing with my very good friend, James Ibechi, and other Benue sons and daughters. G5 b

You have projected me well; I know before the coming of social media people did great things, but nobody to put them on the spotlight. But you have done very well for me.

Even without me telling you at times I go to Facebook or the net I see my story being shared and I looked at it and I say God I have not even met with them to appreciate them.

For getting this from you jamesibechi.com, honestly I appreciate it and I want to thank you very much.

To partner with Jamesibechi.com, why not; I believe in partnership and that is what is keeping me going till date.

I don’t see politics as a profession, if you see young men these days and ask them they will tell you they do politics for a living – and that it is their way of life, and I say look, I can’t do that. I can fall back to something and that is what has actually seen me through all these years from 2007 till date.

I have always been in private business; we run this place (Zagi Nas) and to God be the glory that today even if I am not in politic, I still consult and have something coming in from the other side, outside politics.

Why Morgan was mentioning some few things that I have done he left some out, I might not go into details because am sure he is not aware of those ones, these are things that we did between December 2017 and now (Jan 2018).

It will interest you to know that we have been able to open up a 2.7km road. Within this short period, I went on inspection tour just yesterday and the road was impressive. I was shocked when I saw it but I just said look, because of what is happening in the state (Herdsmen’s killings) we are going to downplay it, we are not going to give it mass publicity. Maybe when normalcy returns, we are going to do that and I also want to use this opportunity to inform you that in the next two to three weeks from now we are going to have the media and panel with all the groups so that we can take you guys to the sight.

We will go round all the projects, and you will see them snap so that you will be able to tell the whole world that you didn’t just hear it but you were there, you saw it.

On the fire service station, Morgan Adikwu mentioned as one of my achievements, it will interest you to know that the man in charge of Federal Fire Service was there too weeks ago and he said I should write a letter to the Federal Service so that they can come and take over.

He promised me two trucks. The fire service will not serve Otukpo alone; it is going to serve the whole of Zone C; nobody needs to call Makurdi for them to bring a truck to that place. At least we know that Zone C to some extent is secured.

These are the kinds of things that few Local Chairman should do because we are the closest to the grassroots and the State or Federal Government cannot do everything.

So, as a chairman, you need to print your name for people to see.

The project I executed, even if my tenure expires the person that will come will see that it is George Alli that did this and that and this will speak for me. Unfortunately, it depends on the way they see it but I think you too from Zone C, should as well find time to bring all the Zone C Chairmen together too and make them see why they should touch people’s lives at the grassroots because even the Bible says God loves a cheerful giver when you give you get more and I keep telling people, somebody like Fashola, Tinubu, etc are who they are because they worked. Tinubu controls virtually the whole of South West; he is going to South South and some parts of North-Central it is because he worked extremely well.

So other chairmen should do the same thing and the one way you journalists can get them to perform is to bring them to sit and we will be able to tell ourselves what is right and even if it is to project them negatively for them to work I think we should start doing that.

We are in this together and I want to believe that we are all in the same party. Ortom told us that he has assisted us to cross and that it is we the chairmen that will assist him to cross to the other side now.

If the Governor has assisted us we will all go to our various communities, wards and if we go campaigning, what will we point to as our achievements if we don’t perform?

Between now and March, I will have 13 council wards and we have projects in all the wards, there are projects currently in nine of the wards and I am going to add four making thirteen so if we go to campaign in each of the wards we will have something to point that we did.

The Ugboju community we went to, they told me that as ‘far as we are concerned they owe me that it is just for me to give them direction and tell them where to go.’


Hon. George Alli went into active politics in 2003 with grassroots humanitarianism and empowerment, which led to the push by the people of Otukpo/Akpa to nominate and subsequently elected him as the Hon. House of Assembly Member representing Otukpo/Akpa Constituency in 2007.

In October 2016, he was appointed Sole Administrator of Otukpo Local Government Council by Governor Samuel Ortom, A position he held effectively for five months and some days before resigning to enter the contest to become the democratically elected Chairman of the same council.


*A block of two classrooms in a primary school at Akpachi;

*A block of two classrooms in a primary at Ondo in Ugboju

*Building and equipping of Health Clinic in Adoka

*The building and equipment of Health Clinic in Otobi Akpa

*The furnishing of the Legislative Council Chamber

* He set up Integrated Land information system (OTILS) in Otukpo

* He electrified Amla Community in Otukpo LGA, among others etc.

* Constructed 2.7 km road

*Built a fire station


For Hon. George Ali, passion for serving his people with democratic dividends, making people independent, innovative, creative and the provisions of an enabling environment for businesses and industries to strive in both rural and urban areas are some amidst other reasons that he forayed into politics. George Alli is also an advocate of the Rule of Law and has tremendous respect for human rights.


His mission is to go beyond “what the govt should provide”… to utilise available resources to provide incentives towards industrialisation by embracing grassroots or indigenous and foreign investors with open hands.

Alli believes that in an ailing economy, only those with industrial managerial skills can strive outside what the government can offer, being the major reason he is running to offer his skills as a manager to the Otukpo people.

Hon. Chief George Alli is happily married to Mrs. Zainab Alli, and they have four children – three boys and a girl.


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