By James Ibechi

There is no doubt the fact that we are witnessing a pathetic situation in the socio-economic and political atmosphere of our country today especially in the area of security.

Virtually all the layers of government administration are not finding it easy and the most affected of this ugly trend is the people at the grassroots.

The youths have become readymade tools in the hands of big criminals at the top largely because of lack of employment and we keep asking, why is there trouble everywhere, why can’t the Federal Government put a stop to the killing of Tiv people by Fulani herdsmen? Is it because a Fulani man is the Shungaba of Nigeria? Why are there incessant killings by northern terrorists and wanton destruction of lives and properties? Why insurgency and many more?

Jamesibechi.com tends to be looking for an answer to many question on many vices revolving around us.

Though many theories have been advanced by different schools of thought, but the simple answer we got was that “Role Models are in short supply”, quoting from the words of Chief Gamaliel Onosode, and the few ones we have are not encouraged to do more.

Therefore, we need to encourage and celebrate the few “Role Models”.

The ability to reach out and make job available for the youth will pave way for us to have access into their heart, re-engineer their belief, change their thoughts and redirect their mind from vices to virtues.

This, we believe, is of utmost importance in a time like this.

Jamesibechi.com’s corporate decision to encourage and showcase men and women of impeccable character in our society, those who are committed to transforming their immediate environment has really bore many juicy fruits.

All over the media world, award has become a reference for good governance and an avenue where the elite now share views and dreams of how and what leadership should look like – be it in public or in private sector.

Unarguably, God is the ultimate rewarder of all deeds either positive or negative, and whenever He (God) decides to honor any man He uses another man as a tool in His hands to confer such honour and example of this is the conferment of Man of the Year on Chief Frank Alochu Ipobu, President of Alochu Foundation for the Less Privileged by a local tabloid, The NewsIpact, based in Makurdi Benue State.

In Nigeria we only give God all the glory who has counted our media outfit, jamesibechi.com, worthy for such a wonderful exercise of this magnitude.

One thing is for sure, we have not and we shall not celebrate vices rather obvious virtues will continue to be extolled.

Our platform is for good, honest and kind-hearted people looking on the sunny side of life.

You must be good before you can merit our prestigious Person of the Year award, and we have not and we shall not judge goodness by mere acceptance of personal successes but rather on how your actions have been mirrored by jamesibechi.com to have impacted positively on the life of the people.

The honours of year 2017 award, presentations of which are still ongoing, are people of proven integrity with impeccable character.

They are like the proverbial Golden Fish that has no hidden place; they are busy developing their fatherland without necessarily making noise about it.

They were spotted, hence the need to say that we are fascinated with the reports of their success stories in their different domains and most especially the achievements and activities of the redemption Chairman George Alli of Otukpo LG who is successfully transforming LGA; Chief Ode Ochi Emmanuel, Chairman Middlebelt Traditional Council (MBTC) Lagos/South West, who has demonstrated excellence in leadership in private and public sector overtime and has been giving back in no small way to the development of humanity and the society. There are also a number of other awardees in our kitty.

Though there is no amount of symbol taken that can adequately compensate their patriotic zeal towards the advancement of the wellbeing of the people, little appreciation of this nature will not only spur them to further action but will encourage others to take cure from their illustrious achievements; after all, award energizes the spirit of the awardee to put in the best in him.

We are coming out with a print edition of jamesibechi.com on the Person of the Year award for 2017.

And we welcome adverts and advertorials from the public for feature in the special edition.

The publication promises to be a compelling read for everybody. It’s simply a revelation to enjoy!

Thanks to our crew members, Morgan Adikwu (Makurdi), Andyson Iji Egbodo (Oju) and Ejikeme Omenazu (Lagos)


James Ibechi

Editorial Director



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