Jamesibechi.com Person of the Year 2017 (Excellence in Leadership)

If it is true that there is only one corner of the universe one can be certain of developing in order to improve the larger society is oneself, then the life of Oji Kpururu 1 of Ibila, a Benue High Chief and Chairman, Middle Belt Traditional Council (MBTC) Lagos/South West, Chief Ochi Ode Emmanuel, is a clear example. ochi 1001

The winner of jamesibechi.com Person of the Year (Excellence in Leadership), Chief Ochi is a man who has developed himself in all ways and using same to work for the betterment of his immediate and larger society. He is a leader par excellence.

Chief Ochi, a seasoned, tested and trusted maritime expert of our time arrived planet earth March 1964 in a hilly country of Andibilla, Oju Local Government Area of Benue sate.

He started his early education in Transferred School, Ibilla Centre.

On completion of his primary education in 1976, he gained admission into the famous Methodist High School, Ainu Igede.

At the tender age in the school, he started to manifest his leadership prowess to the admiration of his fellow students and the school authority.

He was made a prefect, and he indeed lived up to the billing in the discharge of his duties, meritoriously.

On completion of his secondary education in 1981, he briefly worked with the Benue State Judiciary as a Clerical Officer/Court Clerk. He used his position to help all those that needed assistance in their predicaments.

As a result of his un-relentless and selfless qualities, he was nicknamed Ode-Imaje.

He later proceeded to Benue State Polytechnic on study leave where he obtained his National Diploma and High Diploma in Business/Secretarial Administration.

On graduation, he returned to the service of the Benue Judiciary as Personal Assistant to then Chief Judge of Benue State.

In 1989, he seconded to the state publishing company, “The Voice” and was transferred to Lagos Zonal Office as the Officer-in-Charge. While discharging his official duty, he enrolled in the Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NIJ), and studied Advertising/Public Relations which he successfully completed in 1990, with distinction.

In 1991, he left the public service to join Feserind Limited Lagos, one of the most renowned customers Brokerage firms in Nigeria. In Feserind, he performed wonderfully well and he was promoted within two years to head the entire organization as a result.

From Feserind Ltd, he moved up for greener pastures and secured employment as Operations Manager with Quality Freight Company (QFC) UK in her Nigeria territorial Office, Lagos.

The position he held with dedication, professionalism, honesty and hard-work during the 1996 Federal Government port reforms, he spear-headed the company’s operations creditably, which earned him a letter of commendation from his employer.

While in QFC, to aptly master his Martime carrier, he enrolled in Federal College (Technical) Akoka, Lagos where he begged Advanced Diploma in Transport & Shipping with upper credit.

In 998, QFC his employer had planned to deploy him to UK office, but he declined going to United Kingdom to work as he believes in Nigeria.

When his employer kept on insisting, he decided to look out and incidentally secured another employment with Shipping Magnate Limited, Lagos as the Shipping Manager.

In 2003, he rose to the position of Managing Director.

He performed and discharged his responsibilities professionally well which took the company’s growth to the next levels in local and international activities and recognition.

His quit his employment with Shipping Magnate Ltd and set up his own known as Dominion Global Logistics Ltd. The firm is a freight forward and customs License Agent.

Despite the very short span of the existence of the company under his eagle eye and pilotage, the operations and clienteles base of the company has grown to an enviable level to the admiration of all sundry.


The man, Emmanuel Ode Ochi has singled out himself amongst his peers and colleagues in the area of community mobilization and development.

Right from his early school and working years at home, Igede, he excelled in selfless service to his people and community. This was all while working with the judiciary, Makurdi, Benue State.

In Lagos state, he was one of the people who worked tirelessly to resuscitate and bring into life the near comatose association which is today known as Ibilla Community Development

Same goes for the Association (ICDA) Lagos that gave birth to ICDA Western Zone. He selflessly uses his loan resources to ensure that the association does not lack in want and deed.

He is an advocate of selfless and dedicated leadership and equality of all and sundry whether on a privileged level or otherwise.

Indeed, he is a role model to many sons and daughters of Ibilla and Igede Community in Lagos


Within relatively young age, he has senses of professional excellence and selfless service awards from professional bodies and non-profit organizations; amongst which are Diamond Awards for Professional Excellence 2006, Award/Appreciation Certificate from the Christians Spiritual Sanctuary Headquarters Lagos, Distinguished Cooperate Achiever 2016, Global Lifetime Achiever International 2015 and NUIS ICON, Hope 2015 Man of Merit Gold Award 2010,

Excellence in Transport Logistic Award 2014,

Global Leader of Integrity Award 2013 and lately, jamesibechi.com Person of the Year (Excellence in Leadership), among others.

He has written many books/fliers in shipping and transport logistic solution and Christian books yet to be published.

He has undertaken many feasibility studies on maritime Operations and established contributions on the way forward in the management of the Nigeria Ports and transport interface solutions are endless. And he is still


He is very humble, trust-worthy, hardworking and loving person; he was married to late Mrs. Roseline Adiya Ochi who left this sinful world on November 1997.

He is now married to Mrs. Hannah Ochi a very beautiful and caring woman. He has very loving children for which he is grateful to God Almighty who is the giver and protector of them.


“I am really humbled by the award by jamesibechi.com and it will encourage me to know that the assignment God has given me I will not relent in doing it.

“I will continue to speak; I will continue to act; I will continue to exhibit those things that will liberate our people from oppression, suppression and deceit.

“In doing that I will do it to the best of my ability, to be fair at all times and not really minding who is being odd or offended by what we have to do on behalf of humanity. Am grateful to God almighty who is the giver of all things that no one can take my God-given talent away from me.

“If I say something that I think is right and you are worried about it, I have no apology. That is why I don’t have anything to do in politics or with government – to lobby for anything because by so doing I will compromise many issues.”


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