By James Ibechi

Benue South senatorial aspirant in the forthcoming election, Dr. Isaac Egboja, has counselled Igede stakeholders to make any meeting on zoning of political positions a family affair.

The former UN envoy, who lamented his absence at the meeting of Oju/Obi stakeholders  held at the weekend in Oju LGA of the state due to an unexpected disappointment, dropped the advice in a statement a copy of which was made available to on Sunday.

His words: “Greetings and happy New Year to all my fellow Igedes.

“First, I would like to apologize for my absence from the Stakeholders Meeting of yesterday – due to an unexpected disappointment from my driver.

“Please permit me to suggest that any meeting in which major issues such as the zoning of political posts (House of Representatives, House of Assembly, LGA Chairmanship, etc.) and appointments in Igede as a whole, or Oju LGA alone or Obi LGA alone should be considered as “Igede Family Meeting” or “Oju Family Meeting” or “Obi Family Meeting” respectively.

“Such “Family Meetings” should involve all key/major stakeholders irrespective of their political party affiliations so that decisions taken at such meetings can be binding on everyone concerned.

“Discussions at such meetings should enhance common understanding of issues involved and promote unity in Igede.”

Dr. Egboja, therefore, suggested that, “the next meetings in which issues of common interest such as zoning will be discussed should not be that of APC or PDP Stakeholders alone, but Igede Stakeholders.”

He said there is need to carry every stakeholder along so that “we can stay united.”

He urged Igede to unite today as much as they need food!


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