By comrade Ben Obega

*Says PDP and APC can’t sit under one umbrella of Igede stakeholders to discuss zoning


Mutual communication is an effective lubricant that enhances cordial relationship and fosters development in any given society. It is of course, an act of God.

As God himself, the all sufficient being, sufficiently, recognizes a fruitful result of when two or more come under one umbrella to oppose, analyze and possibly agree on co- issue(s).

Comr Obega

And God says: “Come let us reason together……”  This call by the Supreme Being is a global one. The world community is sensitive to it. Communities across the globe are not, of course, oblivious of the need and the efficacy of a collective bargaining as a most viable means to develop the society, which Igede my native home, is not acting exceptionally.

Hon. Austine Okwoche, Executive Chairman of Oju Local Government Council sometime in October 2017 during a stakeholders’meeting sensitized his subjects on how Igede could be developed through effective mutual communication among natural groups to enhance fair and credible representation using zoning formula as a yardstick.

However, the resolutions of the said meeting were viable despite the series of unguided views that suggested that some of such actors were pre- ignorantly charged to act the way they acted inadvertently – working against their personal conscience and the wellbeing of the proverbial glass house they attempted to stone.                           Shortly after that meeting, series of unexpected things rather took over the political space of Igede Nation, frustrating the possibility of holding the largely accepted joint meeting over the Federal House of Representatives seat.                              Imagine the arguments by some of those suspected to be opposed to zoning principle of the Igede people appearing to be stronger on facebook than physical reality.

Against all odds, one expected such groups of people to come clearly to justify their stance. As to why Igede’s usual zoning is now an object of political caricature and of course, would be convinced by them to query God if they feel He is limited to provide candidates from Oju with mental capacity to develop the land if elected into the office of the HOR in 2019.                         Meanwhile, the overwhelming backyard intimidation of possible ringing of primary ticket by two leading political parties in Igede has already called for sophisticated civic machinery to ensure that such pre- arranged political pollution would not successfully cover the cloud.

Yes, out of curiosity, I kept asking myself: ‘is this all about Igede development or out of self-illusion. Someone should help us out in line with the philosophical expression credited to Barrister Jacob Ajene.

He said that “Igede should labour to know the truth, say the truth and do the truth to restore confidence on development.”

Yes, coming closer to the call for unity by Sir (Dr.) Isaac Akuma Egboja on the issues that bother on the development of Igede land, it is of course good.

However, any issue that is devoid of politics could be successfully organised in a forum that is made up of natural groups, associations and political parties, but politically-oriented decisions are product of political ideologies, parties with different political culture and ideology with social sentiments against one another cannot possibly sit under one umbrella to zone a political a seat.            Over the years, PDP by history did theirs in consonance with community on ways of power sharing and they succeeded.

By implications, any attempt by individual or group to cripple such structure is just a fallacy of self-illusion.                The question is, what does the Nigerian constitution say on legislative tenure and what does Igede supreme unwritten constitution say?

Whoever patronises the first or the latter suggests whether the deal would attract the pride or peril.                Fortunately enough, history had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Igede has an underlining sharing formula called zoning.

Any structure erected against the popular opinion will definitely meet its waterloo.

Society is believed to be bigger than the subject no matter how highly placed the subject is.

Considering the perceived inherent sportsmanship stance displayed by the good people of Obi and Oju have no option than to appreciate and encourage them to do more.

My sincere request from all the aspirants of Federal House of Reps is for them to consciously crucify self and solidify erect the structure of unity in Igede land.          Saluting the courage of investing our interest to serve the land, all the aspirants are confirmed qualified to run but let the most favoured by the voice of divinity in this season be allowed to wear the crown.

National Assembly is a good ground of possibilities to accommodate ourselves for the benefit of Igede land.

We could recall that in the 80s, we produced Ambassador several years ago; we produced Economic Adviser to president. Now, we can only be proud of campaign coordinators to other peoples whose endless promises leave our roads as death traps and poverty has triumphed. Dialogue is not only necessary.

It is a vehicle that will convey us to our destination. As a family, let us continue to talk until Igede voice is heard. Igede must be great!


Obega, House of Reps aspirant for the forthcoming election in Oju/Obi federal constituency, wrote in from Abuja.



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