By James Ibechi

The bad times for Benue people especially the Tiv Christian farming communities call for their fellow Christians in the South to come to support.

And one cannot hesitate to make it a call on the entire Southern Christians to make hay while the sun shines.

World Leaders Gather In New York For Annual United Nations General Assembly

The call has become necessary now that it is clear the northern Muslims appear to be taking sides with the killer herdsmen against the Tiv Christian farming settlements.

The utterances of Muslims in high places in the North, in the Govt of General Muhammadu Buhari and other circles dominated by northern Muslims have shown clearly that the northern jihadists are at war with Christians.

The jihadists are only using the decade-long skirmishes between mere Tiv crop farmers and Fulani cattle rearers as a springboard to get to the Christian dominated South.

Remember, the jihadists are angry and are at war mostly with Tiv now because they say Tiv stopped them 1904 from overrunning the entire Nigeria which they claim Allah gave to them for possession. The Fulani jihadists are at war with us – Christians, from indications.

What is war? Clausewitz defines war as “an act of violence to compel our opponents to fulfill our will.”

In the last few years, the Fulani- Benue farmers’ skirmishes manifested as a full-scale war, and can as well be likened to the other armed conflicts taking place globally, in the last few years.

The combatants are armed with sophisticated assault weapons, and are determined to wreck maximum havoc.

In one of the clashes with the Fulani herdsmen, in a Tiv community, a story was told to Governor Ortom of how the police sent by Buhari withdrew from a cross-fire with the herdsmen because the herders were carrying superior arms and ammunition. That was after the police sustained heavy gun wounds. Yet, it is police that Buhari is sending to fight the war.

The killing of men, women, and children and the destruction of farm crops are a regular feature of this war.

Add the killing of 8 Tiv farmers two days ago in Kardarako, Nasarawa town, to the previous massacre of Tiv 73 in Guma and Logo areas of Benue and the advice of Governor Tanko Al Makura of Nasarawa that the remaining Tiv people at that community should relocate to nowhere as well as the previous advice by Buhari to Governor Ortom to accommodate his fellow countrymen without even a condolence paid to Benue nor did he visit the locale where the Fulani criminality was visited on the Tiv and couple with the defence minister’s rationalization of the killing of the 73 instead of sanctioning it, all is now clear that top ranking Fulani elite have already taken sides with the Fulani herdsmen, in the agenda not only to partition Tiv farmlands into Fulani cattle grazing reserves and resources being garnered to actualize this agenda through the acquiescence of  General Muhammadu Buhari presidency with the security apparatus of the FG in the hands of pure Muslims , but also advance occupation of Nigeria or islamisation of the entire country.

This is when the Christian South should move swiftly to come to support us in Benue.


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