*Two gladiators on war path, may tear APC into shreds in Benue
By James Ibechi
“I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.” Matt 25:36.
As devout Christians that we are, among the things we do to demonstrate our true love for other humans either because the Holy Book, as seen in the quotation above, so commands or admonishes us, is to visit others when they are sick.
It is in the light of the above it can be understood that during Buhari’s prolonged medical expedition in a London hospital on account of an undisclosed kind of sickness that almost killed the Daura-born President of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), some governors, among them, Samuel Ortom visited the president, not just to check how he was faring, but also to express their deepest wishes for him to recover quickly and return to his duty post in Nigeria. Yet, this is no news.
Of all the governors that visited General Buhari in the London hospital it was perhaps only Ortom who on return to Nigeria braced the odds to stun the Nigerians who wished the Fulani president death, by calling on the nation to pray for him to recover from his sickness and not die, to return home and continue with his “good work”.
Governor Ortom passionately made the call because he said Buhari meant well for Nigeria and so needed all our prayers to recover from his sickness.
Understandably, the Benue state governor bore in his mind Buhari’s stance and the fight he was doing against corruption in the country, for eulogizing him the way he did, to the extent of even making a support call for the corruption zero-tolerant president to continue in office beyond his first term.
God answered Ortom’s prayers to the disappointment of the like of Ayo Fayose of Ekiti who did not only wish Buhari death, but also nearly vouched with his life that the former war against indiscipline crooner would not return from London alive.
The God of Ortom proved bookmaker Fayose wrong by making sure Buhari returned alive, hale and hearty, for which Buhari’s wife thanked all those who prayed for her husband’s recovery. At some point too, I even overheard Buhari himself glibly thanking praying Nigerians for his healing; only that I do not know whether he was actually thanking only praying Muslims.
Now, the news seems to be that, despite the unfurling scenario and all the Benue state governor had done to prove that he loves Buhari and it is because Ortom first loves Nigeria, the opposite is the case with Buhari. The president hates Ortom and it is because he first hates Benue, one of the 36 states and Abuja that band as a nation over which the civil war veteran is superintending as civilian president. To say this is unfortunate is an understatement.
No intention to faze the readers. This is how Buhari is proving his hatred for Ortom and Benue. His clan’s men called Fulani herdsmen with weapons of mass destruction in their possessions chose to visit evil on two Benue communities, Logo and Guma(home to Ortom), on New Year Day, and killed a minimum of 73 armless young and old people. While the world was shocked to the bone marrow that, with the magnitude of the killing of the Benue people by herdsmen who were armed to the tooth with sophisticated weapons, all Buhari could do was send police instead of soldiers to go and face the killer herdsmen. As if that was not callous enough, with the tears yet to dry from the faces of Benue people and even as the mass burial was being done to the massacred 73, a group of 7 northern governors led by El rufai of Kaduna thought that was the time that was good enough for Buhari to welcome them to Aso Rock to ask him to seek reelection, perhaps because he was ruling well for presiding over the killings in Benue state. How insensitive a president could be? Buhari welcomed them without a qualm of conscience.
Now the ripple effects of Buhari’s hatred for Benue, his callousness and insensitivity over the Benue killings will not only tell on APC regarding its survival in the state, a party on which platform both Ortom and Buhari are governor and president respectively, with Ortom insistence that Benue must get justice for the unprovoked killing of his people by Buhari’s clansmen, the two gladiators are on a collision course already. APC may be torn into shreds, if there is no implosion in the party before then.
Either that or the two may and cannot seek reelection on the same platform anymore. It is also very likely that if Buhari insists on perpetuating himself in power in 2019, he may not get a single vote from Benue state.

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