*Says the ideal thing to do is build an Igede Agenda, then elect people that can drive it to accomplishment

‘…It is easier to know when they fail and it will become a collective project’

Away from the noisy game of verbal attacks and permutations ahead of the elections, it is more profitable that we begin to go back to the drawing board to design a blueprint that will help the rapid development in Igede nation, developed nations of the world spend so much money on economic forecasting and development projection more reason they achieve their developmental objectives faster than we do in our continent. In Nigeria majority of our plan are accidental because we don’t believe so much in planning but the now now action. Nobody prepares for a war in the battle front that is why the military train their personnel awaiting any occurrence of war.

Benue State and Igede, we are already disadvantaged in areas such as infrastructural development, healthcare, technology, education, agriculture, economy, transportation, vocation, why states like Lagos are seen to be moving to their next phase in their journey to development, we are locked in a helpless state of confusion orchestrated by the incompetence of government to provide the enabling environment where development can be encouraged and we have automatically become prisoners of hope.

The opinion of this writer is not to blame anybody for development lapses but to present a draft of blueprint that can be polished and used. Nigeria as a country is yet to have a clear direction that can help the smooth sail of vision 2020 and we are already in 2018, there have been several government projects that have failed over the years and will still continue to fail because the capacity to implement those projects is lacking either because the initiators are always abandoned after they spend sleepless night to design good plans that they should be allowed to implement,the government powers will select those they feel can execute and make returns as profit to their private pocket more reason you see so much money spent on constructing projects that are not needed and they are left abandoned. The 7 point agenda of President Yaradua is very much fresh in our minds.

Ahead of 2019, Igede should be having a blue print which will guide the selection of those we see to have the needed capacity to drive the implementation of those projects, in 2019 across party divides, representatives in Igede should be seen to focus on the Igede project rather than personal projects that don’t represent the overall interest of our people, if we have a collective goal as Igede people our problem is half solved but division takes us miles backwards.


(a) Agriculture: In Igede we have an array of agricultural produce that our profession as farmers will position us for strategic national influence in particular crop production, crops such as yam, cassava,, rice,groundnut,benessed,tomatoes,vegetables,pepper,tobacco, and so many others, while the farmers in the villages are being encourage to increase in their agricultural production, the electorates we are sending to the House of Assembly and House of Representatives will press to attract government attention to agricultural development in Igede by providing loans, mechanisation of agriculture production process, provide tractors, build storage facilities and open markets, with this strategic blueprint plan if actualised,markets will open up and unemployed youths will get jobs.

(b) Business: Our people should be encouraged to venture into business, both civil servants and youths , there should be projection for retirement, one wonders why after spending several years in the civil service people retire to face serious poverty because of reliance on pension which is no longer dependable, there are avalanche of businesses that our people must be encouraged to venture into. Those in the urban areas can use money to actively participate in farming.

(c) Vocational Education

No doubt education is good but we have not duly explored the deposit of educational wealth in Igede, only few have really maximised the deposits of their western education. Education in Igede should be seen beyond obtaining an NCE or HND cum Degree from BSU and other Universities but creating opportunities outside government to be self-dependent and reliant after school else in years to come we will have several communities in Igede filled with jobless graduates.

(d) Education

We must diversify, people should guided in the courses they choose to study in higher institutions of learning, this will create a society filled with diverse experts and giants in different careers not everybody lumping into same career path creating difficulty in employment. Young people in Igede should be encouraged to take professional career courses so as to be self-dependent after school.

This is not a working document but a product of thought birthed out of conversations with great thinkers who share the same passion for the development of Igede nation. Social media writers are relatively encouraged to engaged themselves in more positive online activities rather than restrict themselves to insults and serving as political megaphones for helpless politicians and selfish individuals.

Igede will be greater than we imagine.


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