The Middle Belt Traditional Council (MBTC) has lent its support to the recent call by the Lt. General Theophillus Danjuma (rtd), the former Chief of Army State, that Nigerians should be ready to defend themselves as the military and other security agencies have failed to protect them against attackers, DAILY INDEPENDENT is reporting.


Chief Ochi Emmanuel Ode, the MBTC Chairman in South West, stated that what Gen. Danjuma said was the basic truth, insisting that his views cannot be faulted, especially in matters of defence and security.

He maintained that as a respected former Military Chief, Danjuma’s views could not be faulted and reflected the current situation not only in the North Central zone of the country, but what obtains in every part of the nation.

The MBTC Chairman said: “The people of the Middle Belt should heed to Danjuma’s counsel and take appropriate actions to protect the region. If the military has been bias in the performance of their duty and the Police cannot protect them, they should heed to Danjuma’s advice.”

He maintained that the people of the region should be prepared to repel any aggression and should no longer wait for people to invade their land, kill and maim them and destroy their properties, saying that enough is enough.

Ode said: “The government’s ban on arms should not only affect the ordinary people, but should be holistic. If the government cannot disarm the herdsmen, it should also look the other way when the people prepare to defend themselves.

“It is sad that there have not been arrests and convictions of those killing the people of the North Central part of the country. The allegation is that the herdsmen voiced out against the Anti-Open Grazing Law.

“After their threat for showdown there have been repeated killings and maiming of the people. it is believed that that they are actualizing their threats.

“Since government has failed to arrest them, it will be wrong to hold anyone as a common enemy since the government has failed to unmask those behind the killings.”

He maintained that people now believe that that Federal Government had been sponsoring the killings and acts of terrorism, adding that “The Federal Government should prove otherwise by doing the needful.”



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