*James Ibechi is not against Samson Okwu

By James Ibechi’s recent report headlined ‘WHY SAMSON OKWU SHUNS INSTALLATION OF FIRST CLASS CHIEFS’ remains a report and not an opinion of the reporter and wishes to make this point abundantly clear to those rejoinders whom it is lost on.

James Ibechi

James Ibechi does not feel like banding with any individual on the issue, hence this general clarification.

  1. The comments which the report elicited are, however, dissenting views of those who reacted to it and not that of
  2. Any member of the reading public who doubts the accuracy of the report can do a check and he will be amazed to find that it is not only accurate, but also factual, balanced and devoid of the writer’s opinion.
  3. The report did not in any way frown at Samson Okwu for not attending the events, as we believe he has the right not to attend any event.

So, those calling James Ibechi names for reporting what happened and why it happened and who are involved are surely guilty of ignorance of the highest order. They should desist.

On why Okwu makes the news, he is a prominent public figure who is not just the highest political office holder in the whole of Igedeland, but also the political leader of the Igede nation, and as such, his actions and inactions make news anytime, anywhere.

But, those who do not want him to be in the news should as well ask him to resign from public life.

Those who are abusing James Ibechi should note that the name as a newsman transcends Samson Okwu’s advent at the National Assembly just as much as the name was before the creation of Igede Intermidiate Traditional Council. Yet, James Ibechi is modest and humble.

Samson Okwu is our political leader while Oga Ero is also our royal father.

Let us give to Ceaser what is his’ and to God what is His’.

Igede Ka haaa!



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