By Comr. Ben Obega

The advent of democratic governance for almost 19 years in Nigeria has actually allowed people to have little imputes in the game of who leads his or her people.

The dramatic civil authority under one umbrella (PDP) for 16 years paved way for high degree of power abuse. The openly incidence of deprivation registered in the eyes of people at June 12, 1993, was a practical rape or abortion of democratic structures where Chief MKO Abiola was generally believed to have being a victim of circumstances.

The social casualty rates began to magnify numerically as many across the nation lost their legitimate opportunities to serve their people at different capacities to political touts or mediocre masterminded by the group of actors under PDP.

Yes, impunity, imposition of candidates against the will of the people and visible killing of innocent souls were perverse as the successful weapons of political war in Nigerian society.

My dear concerned citizens, high rate of illegality were legalized as the judiciary – the last hope of common man was an ‘orphan’ in the hands of the so-called executive, the illegal landlord for years. Nothing, they say, lasts forever. The symbolic umbrella began to wear out and eventually tore away as people whose pains began to reach the climax point of political revolution. Of course, is said that it is dangerous to be right when the government is faulty, were the reflection of the story of some of the people who joined the queue to right the wrong in the country, if not the entire globe.

Of course, several groups with different political ideologies had regrouped and decided to use authoritative broom, APC to wipe out the vestiges of the umbrella from the nation’s body polity.

Before the exit of the almighty PDP from power, a few actors with living conscience within the corrupt circle had actually separated themselves from the

PDP’s history of iniquity … “yes the election that brought me into office was fraudulent, I will do my best to reform the electoral system in Nigeria,” late President Umar Yar’Adua said. Another living icon of democratic symbol …”my political ambition does not worth the blood of a single Nigerian,” said ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

Indeed, it was not as if the umbrella from the onset was absolutely useless. The botched third term agenda, initiation of the doctrine of necessity, invention of political card reader were some of the efforts inputted to give Nigerian society a political rebirth. But mutation, which is genetic accident, eventually occurred sending out PDP, the corrupt vessel out of the womb of governance, mercilessly.

The assumed divine visitation was observed through the emergence of the current ruling party called APC. “I belong to nobody, but I belong to everybody,” says President Muhammadu Buhari. This is the landmark statement that gives Nigerians the sense of moral reawakening against the evil perpetuated by APC’s predecessor.  The spirit of doubt against crude participation in the days of PDP began to pave way for freedom, attracting more rate of refined participation from the elite class. However, the aborted evil child unimaginably reincarnated and began to inflict the society with untold pains and sorrow. Do not ask me. This point is painfully justified by most APC organized local and state elections across the country including Benue my home state where civil power of dictating whose anointing child rules through imposition and electoral rigging. This probably explains why many, not only in Benue, began to consult their ‘oracle’ as to establish the Third Force in Nigerian political system.

I am personally worried. Can such projection restore final hope for Nigeria? What if the third force becomes the worse? If we are imitating the USA politically, why don’t we in a midst of many registered political parties, concretize two major political parties like that of the Democrat and the Republican as to foster political stability?

Nigerian political iniquity is changing from one form to another. Everybody is in the school of uncertainty, sentencing all the aspirants to the prison of hope. Even the adopted old party executive in Benue are not sure to be recognized as tools to decide who fly the party ticket due to how the congresses were ‘maradonically’ handled.

It is too complex. It is not only the wanton purchase of the vote at the primary poll. As Senator Shehu Sani of Kaduna State once said “the evil that both sinners and the saints refused to talk about in the Nigerian politics is the accumulation of high volume of money by government officials and privileged politicians to buy delegates, robbing the society of their choice of who lead them to change the fate of life for better.” The question is, where is Nigeria going with political players as pilots? The joy is that the society has learnt to find alternative to undo the evil. The similar message was preached to PDP but fell on their deaf ear. As late Prof. Chinue Achebe said, “Emenike the bird says if the hunter learns to shoot without missing, we birds will learn to fly without perching.”

Societies have learnt, they are watching irrespective of what political parties choose to do. My candid advice to APC, my dear party is for it to uphold internal democracy as the answer, to retain the crown at all levels of governance.

*Comrade Ben Obega is a 2019 House of Representatives aspirant from Oboru/Oye council Ward, Oju/Obi Federal Constituency, and wroted in from Abuja




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