By Upa Kingsley

Twenty out of my 35 years were spent schooling. All the certificates obtained haven’t earned me a job/income, only my talents ever did. When I would’ve been employed in Oju LG civil service, Mr. Dave Ode flushed over 400 of us out unceremoniously – when ever I remember this behaviour of his…!

However, my harnessed aptitudes earned me a teaching job when I dazed my interviewers (for my practical intelligence is higher than my book intelligence, according to an IQ test I took) for only 3k monthly. Hehehehe! I had obtained a Diploma in Accounting but I didn’t present the cert because I hadn’t collected it. So I was paid for my well done job not for a cert as others were, so much the only reason I was disqualified from being the best teacher of the year was my known imminent resignation.

Therefore when even salary earners take my financial intercourse with them treacherously, they look beastly to me! It was for two lecturers owing me 150k that my 265 UTME marks wasted in 2010, because I couldn’t afford 1.5k in good time and 15k remedial effort was a still birth. Thank God 256 earned me admission the following year.

There are folks like me, others with worse cases than mine.

What’s more, I blame individuals in government for this bizarre reality. If men were considerate of one another’s good we would all be happy citizens of Nigeria up and down the jurisdictions and tiers of government. For government itself is grossly understaffed in almost all of its MDAs but the men in-charge muffle the vacancy-echoes. And quite bizarre, pretty much to elicit anger in the teaming unemployed except that Nigerians have inured themselves to the abyss, is their rationalization – usually irrational – on the unemployment situations in Nigeria. For whereas vacancies abound, they deny the fact. Ain’t it a wonder, that masses are retiring, and dying, yet the deaths and retirements don’t create vacancies?


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