By Guest Reporter

The Comr Ben Obega 2019 Campaign Organisation  has been inaugurated in Oju LGA of Benue State, with a call on the campaign executives to deliver the Obega’s mandate in all the nooks and crannies of Oju and Obi local government areas in the Oju/Obi federal constituency. BENSON OBEGA

Comr Obega who hails from Oboru/Oye Council Ward of Oju LGA of Benue state is vying for a seat in the House of Representatives, on the platform of the APC to represent the constituency.

Director General of the campaign organisation, Emmanuel Otete, said the Obega 2019 campaign organization was a powerful machinery carrying the gospel of the need for all Igede people in Oju and Obi to work towards election of Obega in 2019.

According to Obega’s director of Social, Mobilisation and strategy, Mr. Ede Eje, who updated jamesibechi.com on the inauguration of the campaign exco,” the event which was held at Okadibi, along Otukpo Road  on  June 16, 2018,  was fruitful with the presence of a cream of politicians and personalities from the nook and cranny of Igedeland.

“The father of Engr. Obega who was represented by Hon.  Andrew  Adokwa, presented Obega to the campaign team and solicited their maximum support as he runs for Oju/Obi Federal Constituency comes seat in 2019.

“Hon. Adokwa described the team of Directors and Coordinators as the nucleus, power house, eyes and the brain of Ben Obega’s 2019 project, drawing their attention to demonstrate the spirit  of fairness and justice for the people of Oye clan in Igede extraction because since the history of Oju local government, the slot of councilor was the only position the people of Oye had benefitted.

“Hon. Adokwa unequivocally, pin-pointed several human oriented projects Ben at his youthful age, voluntarily executed  in his father’s clan and beyond.

“Among such, were the heavy contributions  to churches, building of a church in Achawu Oye Igede; building of bridges and colverts, supply of  fertilizers to farmers across  Oboru/Oye council ward, occasionally, rendering helps  and clothing of windows in igede land. All these were done far before the ambition to run for HOR was conceived in his heart.

“Hon. Adokwa, who presented  Engr. Ben to Igede people,  charged them to confirm his testimony as a resourceful personel in Nigerian power sector. He said, Comr. Ben is an icon of a desired leader and gift to his generation. That Igede will not regret  sending  him  to National Assembly come 2019 .

“In response to Comr.Ben father’s request, the campaign Secretary General, Mr. Uda Otama who spoke on behalf of Oju LGA’s directors and coordinators opined that a matter that does not need to be delayed should not be. He therefore endorsed the candidature of Comr. Benson Obega. Likewise, Mr Oko Awugo equally buttressed by urging the participants to consider the plight of the Oye’s age-long arbitrary margination and subjugation by the people of Igede and then vote for Engr Benson Obega for the Oju/Obi Federal House of Representatives comes 2019.


“The overall DG, Comr. Emmanuel Otete, appealed to the people of Igede to consider the youth like Engr. Ben, zoning arrangement and democratic fairness and then spread same to our electorates at home.”

Mr Eje stated  that “an elder may not lose all the teeth in his mouth before he could fairly give meat to his child.”


He said: “Comr. Benson Obega who was the reason for the call, briefed his Board of DGs and Coordinators that the entire  natural groups of Oye communities  have endorsed him. That he knows the hunger, needs and aspirations of the Igede nation, so he is out fully to solve their warring problems.

“That his speech was not just verbium to cajole the voters. “That before this days , he had cogently, put down his profile containing  his  rich political manifestos  for Igede to decide on his offer to serve  the land and equally, proved why HOR Oju/Obi federal constituency should come to Oju most suitably ,Oboru/Oye council ward where he came from. “Comr. Ben, a young  and energetic man with high sense of creativity, innovative ideas and highly pragmatic apprauch to socio-economics and political chanlanges in our modern era, appealed  to his central working committee to Cary the message  of ‘hope’ to the party executives who are privileged to participate in forthcoming primary election. “Added that the larger society  of Igede is anxiously waiting  to vote a credible candidate like his humble self come 2019 general election.  Ben re-emphasized that materials and money politics as a deceptive means  of securing votes from  the masses  is not only bad but had raped the society of her destiny, right to provision of social amenities and of course, barsterdised the legacy  of the younger generation and the generation yet unborn. That  the society  has  to come together to wipe-out this evil before it  is geting out of hands.

”He concluded that  with an anticipated  support from Igede  people for him, Igede shall be great and  be liberated.

“The central working committee  comprises no fewer than ten members of Board of Directors spread across  the political zones and 23 ward coordinators of Oju/Obi federal constituency.”



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