By James Ibechi

“Cut off any hand that causes you to sin,” the Bible admonishes. For, “it’s better for you to enter life injured than to have two hands and go to hell, to the fire that cannot be put out.”

Governor Samuel Ortom should have heeded the admonition of the Scriptures by sacking all his inept and non-performing appointees and replacing them with “square pegs in square holes.”

It was either he did or he did not do so completely, for on Tuesday, the Governor blamed the problems of his administration on the ineptitude of some of his appointees.

He spoke at the New Banquet Hall of the Benue People’s House, Makurdi, on Tuesday while inaugurating 17 boards members and two governing council.

According to him, most of his appointees had failed to explain or enlighten the people on issues pertaining to governance, especially when criticised wrongly by a section of the public.

He also faulted their approach to issues when people seek assistance from them.

Ortom also linked some of the problems in the state to followership, adding that Benue is one of the most difficult states to rule, due to the attitude of the people towards their leaders.

He said: “Many people have approached me to sack my media team for being ineffective. But even if you bring the best journalists to give to manage the state’s publicity, the same challenges would remain.”


The governor told the new board appointees that they had come to serve at a time that his administration was facing numerous challenges.

He added that the people’s expectations were high and urged them to swiftly deploy their experience to respond to all their expectations.

He said: “Ours is a call to serve and not to make money. In our administration, no one is allowed to divert public funds into private pockets.




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