By James Ibechi

Ahead of the 2019 Benue South senatorial election, Igede leaders under the auspices of the Association of Igede Clans’ National Presidents, on Wednesday, endorsed Sir (Dr) Akwuma Egboja for election to represent the senatorial district.

Rising from its monthly meeting for July which was held at Ebenta Uwokwu, in Oju LGA, the Igede clans national presidents promised to stand by Sir Egboja all the way and to mobilize both human and other resources, to ensure his emergence as the first Senator of Igede extraction of the Benue south senatorial district.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the meeting and signed by the president of the body, Comrade Isaac Onwu, on behalf of the body, the Igede leaders also condemned what they termed “the various attempts by some politicians to sell out Igede nation for their selfish interests,” appealing to the senatorial aspirant to not back out of the race, even if push comes to shove.

The group added that its preference for Dr. Egboja was not merely because he is an Igede aspirant, but borne from his content of character, track record, sophistication deemed by many people to have dwarfed all other aspirants in the queue for the Benue South senatorial seat.

The Association of Igede Clans’ National Presidents is the apex umbrella body of the leaders of all the 13 clans that make up Igede nation.

Membership comprises the President and Secretary of each of the 13 Igede clans associations and the resolution or decision of the body is believed to be binding on, or reflects that of all the clans in Igede and by extension, the entire Igede nation.

The association holds its meeting monthly and those who attended the Wednesday Uwokwu crucial decision meeting included Comr. Michael Egbe, representing Ada; Ojowu Ochim, Anchim;  Isaac Onwu, Oye; Moses Ikogi , Ukpa; Daniel Idaa, Oboru; Reuben Otoja (PhD), Owo and  Sunday Ate, Ibilla.

Others were Sunday Ochi, Uwokwu; Godwin Agor, Ainu; Matthew Ajeh, Ito; Simon Onawo, Idelle and Alphonsus Ogbaji , Oju.

This would be the fifth major group or so in the whole of the senatorial district to have endorsed Dr. Egboja since the lead-up to the 2019 general elections has begun in earnest.

The most recent boost Dr. Egboja recieved came from the group known as The Like Minds just Thursday last week.

The group is made up of top political elders of Igede and Idoma.

Recall also that Idoma and Igede youths had earlier endorsed Dr. Egboja and the swinging of the senatorial seat for 2019 to the Old Oju District, as the fairest thing Idoma and Igede people should do.

Benue South Senatorial District comprises Old Oju, Old Okpokwu and Old Otukpo Districts.



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