BY Andyson Iji Egbodo

Back in time when I was doing my undergraduate course in Ekiti State University, Prof Akin Oyebode who at that time came in fresh from University of Lagos to serve as Vice Chancellor called for a meeting with the leaders of the Students Union Government. I was Member of the students Parliament representing the Management Sciences faculty. The aim of the meeting was to put an end to needless killings on campus by warring confraternities. He said something that had stuck on in my head till date.

“My children, do not be like the insects that unfortunately destroy herbs that serve them as their sole means of abode and survival” he counselled. I have since learnt how possible it could be to starve to death when you pooh pooh around your dinning altar.

It’s no news again that Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom booted the majority of his cabinet members last Sunday. Though no official reason was given for their sack. Keen followers of the recent political happenings in Benue State wouldn’t be at akimbo. The former Commissioners by deeds and words were like the insects Prof Oyebode cautioned us not to emulate. Many political analysts have hitherto heaped the blame of the resultant negative impacts of their destructive stay in the cabinet for too long on the Governor whom they erroneously inferred is politically incapacitated beyond proving at least once that he is the Executive Governor of Benue State today and not the Pharisee that issue orders from the red chambers of Georgia.


All said and done, the prefects are gone forever and we shall remember them as the worst collection ever of a Governor’s cabinet in Benue State not minding whose ox is gored.

The principal significance of the sack of some of the former cabinet members is the sigh of relief and celebration that greeted the development across the state. One of the joyous band of party faithful, few minutes after the breaking news in Oju, told this writer that they were happy and celebrating that the state is gradually sliding off the hands of the mighty that are bent on holding the entire stage hostage. They said it wouldn’t mean anything to them if Governor Ortom wins his second term or not but that they are sure never again would Benue State be held to ransom for personal aggrandizement of a single citizen that has no two heads but one as other Benue indigenes.


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