The Middle Belt Traditional Council (MBTC) has called on Senator George Akume, former governor of Benue State, to allow the state administration to run smoothly in the interest of the people.

Chief Ode Ochi Emmanuel, the MBTC chairman in the South West geo-political zone, who spoke to DAILY INDEPENDENT in Lagos on Wednesday, lamented that Akume’s action was gradually bringing the state administration to a halt to the detriment of Benue people.


Emmanuel said the MBTC had been watching the events in Benue State with keen interest, wondering why Akume should allow his disagreement with Governor Samuel Ortom to push him to the extent of using his position as the All Progressives Congress (APC) leader to bring hardship and hit up the Benue society, just because he fell out with the governor.

He maintained that Benue people had not forgotten how he ruled the state in eight years and had been occupying a senate seat for some terms now without tangible democracy dividends for the people to show for such positions, even he maintained that Akume should not be punishing Benue people just because Ortom defected to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Emmanuel said: “The gladiators should have the interest of Benue at heart and think of the people of Benue people than themselves.

“Akume cannot arrogate to himself the position of father of the state. He has done virtually nothing to improve the life of Benue people. He was governor for eight years.  He did virtually nothing.

“He should please let Benue to function. He should allow Governor Ortom to rule. That they have parted ways in the way the state’s resources were being spent should not be yardstick to fight dirty by truncating the function of government in Benue State.”

Emmanuel wondered if Akume could absolve himself from the allegation of wasting the state’s resources, which he had been leveling against Ortom, maintaining that the senator lacked moral justification to be alleging attacking the governor and using agencies of state to harass and continued to cause tension in Benue State.

The MBTC boss urged Akume to let Ortom be, as the governor had finally detached himself from the senator’s apron string, adding that he (Akume) should allow peace to reign in Benue State by ensuring that the police withdraws from the Benue State House of Assembly for the lawmakers to sit in the interest of the people.




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