*Advocates knowledge-based economy for growth


By James Ibechi


Group Chairman of Satwaves Energy Ltd, an indegenous energy and ICT firm, Mr. Egena Jackson, has exposed to the world how the company has been impacting Nigerian youths with the requisite skills needed for a knowledge-based economy.

He also announced plans to equip more youths with the needed skills to create jobs for themselves and become employers of labour, thereby helping to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

Mr. Egena said that one of the means it employs in creating the impacts on Nigerians is Renewable Energy and ICT Academy, a subsidiary of Satwaves Energy Ltd.

The academy trains Nigerians on the installation of private security gadgets, satellite and Solar Inverter and their maintenance.

It also through its vocational skill acquisition training equips the youths on how to track cars and develop computer software.

Not only that, the Renewable Energy and ICT Academy trains on CCTV, telephone/intercom installation and maintenance.

Indeed, the firm said Nigeria’s quest for industrial growth required huge investments in technology and infrastructure, maintaining that empowering youths for a knowledge-based economy is vital to achieve an all-inclusive economy

Mr. Egena said developed economies of the world have moved up from where they were, by prioritising developmental efforts in their educational sector to achieve an all-inclusive economic growth through the use of technology.

The cost of training and prices of the firm’s products are highly affordable because Mr. Egena said he was moved to set up the organization to “give back to the society” that trained him in the first place.

“Coming out of our office at Wadata one day, the number of youths I saw shocked me. I said to myself, that even in Makurdi here we could have such a high number of unemployed youths roaming the street jobless? And these are the kind of youths used for political thuggery.

“I said no. Something has to be done. If I die with this knowledge, God would not forgive me. It’s not all about money yet. Yes money would come because ours’ is a capitalist state. But the essence is to give back to the society. I acquired the knowledge elsewhere and I feel I have to impart to another generation.

“By so doing, we can help the government to reduce unemployment and crime rate and the society would be the better for it,” Mr. Egena said.

On the growth of the company over the last seven years of its existence, he said that the firm has been growing in leap and bound with branches spread across Nigeria, partnering with many schools and military formations across Nigeria.’s team’s visit to the corporate head office of Softwaves Energy Ltd at 1, Barrack Road, Beside Police Headquarters, Makurdi, on Wednesday discovered an affordably wide range of products of the firm including telecom, solar and satellite gadgets, among other ICT equipment.



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