*How Nick Eworo won 2019 APC’S HOR primary poll

By James Ibechi

I am James Ibechi, the Editorial Director of; an online news blog since the past seven years. As one of our avid readers, I hope you have gained from our thought-provoking, incisive, educative and expository contents in news, interviews, features and opinion, among others.

As a trained journalist I am obliged to report the society in good or bad seasons. My bit is to mirror the society, shape and put issues in proper perspectives. By so doing, I give back to the society that bred me, my eyes on development and my attention on the Igede-speaking people of Benue State, Nigeria.

I do this deliberately, not merely because I am Igede but more importantly because Igedeland is the centerpiece of my editorial focus. I do not see how this should offend anybody. My apology if it does. How this decision was taken dated to my days with the premier Igede community magazine, “The Congress,” floated many years ago with Lagos as the production base. STAKEHOLDERS IBECHI AND NICK

The Congress magazine was out to highlight the plight of the marginalized Igede people for national and global attention. I have since left the magazine but not my Igede people with whom I have a lifelong contract. With the 2019 General Elections around the corner, it is natural, therefore, that I give priority attention to evolving events in Igedeland.

As a society watchdog, I am determined to contribute to leadership in ways that Nigeria, especially Igedeland would be better. I hope that by so doing, the collective resolve to build the society of our dream would be easily achievable.  This defines the social contract of with Igedeland and I hope you find this inspiring.

Our fair and unbiased investigations of electoral and political matters in Igedeland are widely applauded. A case in point was our recent probe of the House of Representatives primary elections of the APC in Oju-Obi Federal Constituency. Our findings contradicted the rumor of gunshots that was widely peddled of the election. According to the rumour mill, gunshots scared delegates and marred the primary elections.

This was far from the truth. There had not been a more peaceful election in Igedeland. Our findings reveal that there was an orderly conduct of elections with delegates casting their votes peacefully. However, the poll extended into the late night due to the late arrival of electoral officials and the NWC of the APC from Abuja on the Election Day.

This was not peculiar as most primary elections in Nigeria this year had a similar experience. What is important is the conduct, not the time as such, therefore, the transparent exercise that produced Nick Eworo as the standard bearer of APC for the 2019 Oju_Obi federal constituency race cannot be faulted. The insinuation of  an ostensible attempt to precipitate rigging at night canvassed by critics is therefore, baseless. Those in doubt can avail themselves of’s video footage of the election showing that delegates  queued up to cast their votes.

In an interview, Ogbu Mac Itachu, an aspirant who got 1 vote at the election admitted it was a free, fair and peaceful exercise. Here is the full result of the primary election.

Total number of accredited voters : 574

Valid votes: 541,

Invalid votes: 2.

Rt Hon. Nick Eworo: 513 votes

Otor Jane: 8 votes,

Ogbu Egbodo: 7 votes

Barr Etwuku Ona: 7 votes

David Onah: 5 votes

Ogbu Itachu: 1 vote.

Based on the result the APC NWC officials who conducted the primary election declared Nick Eworo the winner. The rest is left for the electorate at the 2019 polls when Eworo shall lock horns with other contestants in what is clearly the clash of the titans. You can count on for a credible account of this and lots more. We are rooted in credible journalism for all round development. We commit to excellence even at our own expense. Join us in the crusade to change the conversation and narratives in Igedeland.


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