*‘SDP’ll End The Years Of Doing Nothing At The Senate’

Being the text of a short speech delivered by Chief (Dr) Mike Okibe Onoja while declaring for Senate at a rally to announce his formal defection to SDP in Otukpo on Saturday, December 22, 2018

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The motto of SDP is about good governance, sustainable development and social welfare for everybody.

Social justice is our motto and in providing social justice and equity, we will make sure everybody is benefited.

We don’t believe in cabal. Certain people hold on to power and won’t let others’ quest see the light of day. We won’t tolerate “cabalism”.

Our party has changed in Zone C and in Benue state. Therefore, the era of cabal particularly in Zone C has ended now. Everybody in Zone C and Zone A deserves some good welfare and good governance. The time of lack of dividends of democracy will end with SDP.

For the past twenty years, what has Idoma people achieved from governments? Idoma has nothing to show for it and if you spend twenty years and there is nothing to show for it, this is the time for change.

SDP stands for change in Zone C. This change will bring about developments. Our vision is not only social development and equity; we believe in human development and women empowerments, we shall strive to bring about children and women empowerment. And we can tell you that if you vote Horse in the next election, Idoma will see developments and change in Zone C.

This is the beginning of our campaign.  I hereby declare that I am the senatorial candidate of SDP in Zone C.

You have heard our message. The era when some people held on to power for the past 20 years without doing anything has gone. The era of cabal is gone.


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