According to the late South African President, Nelson Mandela, real leaders sacrifice all for the freedom of their people. The real leader is therefore, selfless and altruistic and puts the interest of the people above self. One of such leaders in our time is the senatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party(SDP) for Benue South, Chief Mike Okibe Onoja.

Chief Onoja’s labour of sacrifice is reflected in goodwill towards the entire Benue South. An instance of this was the enlistment of many of its youth into the military and paramilitary organizations as well as employments in the civil service when he was a Permanent Secretary.

He has financed education, agriculture, political and other profound interests for many Benue indigenes. He has  also committed to traditional, political and economic interests of Idoma and Igede at various times. His sacrifice for the collective good of Benue South is evidenced by an eloquent testimony of a leader who desires the best for his people.

Little wonder, therefore, that the Idoma Area Traditional Council considered him for an honour in 1992 as the Akanaba or the essential pillar of Idoma. Aside from an adoring supportive role, Chief Mike Onoja has a remarkable passion for rural transformation. He therefore, brought electricity to Ado local government area as well as  donated transformers to some communities in the senatorial zone  recently.

Should every deed of philanthropy credited to him be documented, the volumes from such an intellectual effort will overwhelm the reader. Yet, it will not fully explain the humanity of Akanaba, Chief Mike Onoja.

With a vision to  re-write the political history of Benue South for good, Onoja has paid heed to the popular demand of Idoma and Igede to contest election for senate. As we go to the poll this Saturday, to elect the senator from Benue South, Chief Onoja’s goodwill and passion for the economic wellbeing of the zone should influence our choice.

A detribalized leader, Onoja will weld the politically disintegrated people of Benue South together for lasting peace and progress. He symbolizes equity and his election as senator will terminate the political marginalization of areas in Benue South that are yet to be considered for a national political office.

He loathes impunity and those who have turned Benue South into their harvest field will be redirected on the path of sacrifice when Onoja goes to senate. Not only will greed and self aggrandizement subside, fresh breath of purposeful leadership will place the political destiny of Benue South in the hands of the people.

This highlights his campaign message while touring the nooks and cranny of Benue South recently.

Beginning at Otukpo on Saturday, December 22, 2018, Onoja went to different communities in the zone on political appraisal.The experience has further enriched his knowledge of the plight of the people, especially, their sufferings despite rare political opportunities since 1999. All these and much more will Onoja in the senate address.

The bane of the economic development of Benue South lies with the quality of representation at the highest level of government. Onoja, a national and international personality will therefore, explore legislative solutions to the question of underdevelopment in both Idoma and Igede lands.

From Agatu to Oju, Otukpo-Icho to Orokam, evidence of change will beckon to an enduring reality in political leadership as Chief Onoja is elected senator. Addressing a large crowd in Oju and Obi Local government areas on his recent tour, Onoja was emphatic on the need for change. He is inspired by the insightful philosophy of Barrack Obama that change comes from within.

According to the former US president, we are the change that we seek, change will not come from elsewhere. The change we desire in Benue South will come from within and Idoma and Igede should prepare for it; the change from grass to grace, poverty to prosperity, political servitude to freedom; the change to take Benue South to lofty heights of economic growth and development.

This was the message of Chief Mike Onoja to an enthusiastic crowd of followers during his campaign. Many were convinced of the genuineness of his mission and defected from their former political parties and joined him in SDP.

In Okpoga, thousands left APC and PDP to SDP in support of Onoja’s crusade for change, a change to his election as senator. In Oju, the elders extended their blessings to make his election reassuring. In Apa, Agatu, Ohimini, Ado, Ogbadibo and Otukpo, an excited crowd welcomed him in symbolic submission during his campaign.

Chief Mike Onoja is obviously the people’s choice. A vote for him will secure the future of Benue South. There is no room for sentiments. It is not about political parties, ethnic cleavages or political dexterity. It is all about the future of Benue South. Let us secure it with integrity, foresight and wisdom.

The late Nelson Mandela sums it up by saying that our choices should reflect our hopes and not our fears. Our hope for a Better Benue South should inform our choice as we go to the poll this Saturday. Let our hope reflect in the election of Akanaba, Chief Mike Okibe Onoja as senator. Vote the SDP candidate, Mike Okibe Onoja as senator, Benue South.


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