*As Oju people sting Samson Okwu, others
By James Ibechi
Obviously, the pendulum was in favour of the former Deputy majority Leader of the Benue State House of Assembly, Nick Eworo but the stage was set for Oju people to vent their spleen on the people of Obi.
Their grouse was Obi’s refusal to abide by the two termly gentleman pact between the two LGAs that constitute the Oju/Obi federal constituency.
The February 23 presidential and national assembly elections was the battle ground. Three contestants each from Oju and Obi had their hats in the ring.
Oju wanted the seat after Obi’s eight years in the green chamber through the incumbent Samson Okwu. Obi was intransigent and aimed to sit tight for a third term.
The Obi political leaders leveraged on a stockpile of political capital to square up to Oju but the bigger Oju had two strategic plans. Plan A was dialogue and stakeholders meeting to appropriate the seat to it. Plan B was for Oju to use its vantage numerical voting strength to teach Obi a lesson.
Indeed, Oju does not need Obi to win the House of Reps seat. So, when things fell apart and the centre could not hold between Oju and Obi, it was every man to his own tent O’Israel. And Obi voted for its own and Oju, its own candidates.
Oju was crafty, it used David Ogewu to lead the onslaught against the recalcitrant Obi.
The choice of Ogewu by Oju as the arrowhead of the battle was because of his deep pocket compared to the Samson Okwu’s who allegedly boasted of a superior financial power than any of his rivals in his reelection bid.
So when unconfirmed preliminary results of the poll showed Ogewu was leading, he was stupefied. Ogewu is the poster boy of the Oju people’s anger against Obi. As it were, the battle is not about who is best suited to represent Igede at the lower chamber of the National Assembly but who can serve Oju as a veritable tool against Obi’s arrogance.
But for this reason, Nick Eworo, adjudged as the most qualified candidate would have coasted to victory as the Oju people agreed that Ogewu was not in the raider but is simply a poster boy used to sting Obi.
However, big congratulations to Ogewu from jamesIbechi.com platform.

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