By Jacob Ogilegwu,

An ideal political party is known by its idealogy characterised by manifestoes and its operational mechanisms .
The formative manifestations of All Progressives Congress(APC), in a country is known to be a mixture of highly reactive chemical elements coupled in a breakable bottle potentially ready for an explosion. That was the clearer description of APC by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 electioneering.
Years rolled over, as if such description is a fallacy manifested by inter- party war of jealousy.
Alas, it is not uncommon, several incidence of party Home breaking at National level has been displayed. Most of such were not handled as expected but died a natural death under the influence of a partial anti- corruption weapon very active, in the hands of a cilvilian detectoship(PMB).
Many Nigerians believed that the terminal end of APC as country’s ruling political party or major opposition party is by the 2023 as PMB constitutionally retires from ASO ROCK.
APC political whirlwind does not die at Abuja environs. The operational vocano, the echos of party leadership failure across the country, was probably the reason why stray bulet that brought Senator Akume down from the high horse to common grass of Tarka Local Government of Benue State in his fourth time bid to Red Chamber.
All these are still a trivial matter when one cares to x- ray Oju/Obi All Progressive Congress opreational structure.
The unhealthy political omen, is not just an imaginary lines of hatred among the actors but an absolute destruction to the ill-foundation that the Regional APC stance.
The virtual colapse of APC operational structure in Igedeland, unfortunately began from the crude decision of who picked HOR Ticket awaiting 2019 general election as the episode was characterised by the so-called party suprimacy against the will of the masses, the uncommon primary election where gun shootings were annunciators to alert participants of an election under civilians government. The tales of revenge mission by the agrieved parties as undermined by the apparent gainers, the fake reconciliation meetings organised by those who created the imbalance in the system.
Quite obviousely, the bunch of ‘Broom’ began an unhealthy revolution against itself as a party with singular constition, openly regrouped and form three couspicous factions waging endless war against each other.
The Engr. Morgan Okwoche’s faction that gloriously, produced the Oju 1 constituency candidate, the Honourable Nick Eworo’s faction struggling for House of Representatives under the Sen George Akume’s annointing and Barrister Jacob Ajene and Patricia Kupchi migrating from one faction to to the other depending on the issue on the table. No one has liberty to query this fact as Bishop Pinot Ogbaji and Hon Nick Eworo for several times complained of Bar Ajene of using his structure to work against them. And that actually played out from Obi’s results of HOR and Obi State House of Assembly elections.
Like a proverbial termite gradually eating the mart from beneath, soon after the APC primary, APGA, the Igbo-oriented business political party in Igedeland , began to recieve unvited guests to aquire immunity against those who displaced them politically.
Their night meetings in David Ogewu’s glass house was rich and dramatic. Ogewu became their apparent enemy during the day time with pastors and Bishops openly recruited to market their product via the widows in churches; traditional leaders and ofcourse, some entraped projects to buy the conscience of the general masses.
An uneding drama in 2019 genaral electon where APGA, a political party in Oju, without a structure, has all the APC members as his Pooling unit Agents , sidelining the APC candidate for election who they describled as their robber of their primary election ticket.
Highly unbelievable! The leaves and the branches of Iroko tree had sucesdfully, withered away; its sterm is about to cut off for its tap root to be cross – brided to Igbo’s political olive tree.
It is no longer news. Iroko, Odukalaho has colapsed his political structure with APGA candidate to wage war against PDP candidate, Rt. Honoursble Samson Aja Okwu, the leading scorer of inconclusive HOR election, oju/ obi Federal constituency.
Ogewu is already dominating Igede APC. The new political intake couragousely told APC Governorship candidate that he makes APC to win in Igedeland. What a glory? Even if Evangelist David Agada Ogewu could not go to HOR as Hon.Okwu is hopful , his church political business, his investment in Igede politics is not in vain.
Afterall, he can easily command Emmanuel Jime or Sam Ode to instruct PMB to release federal appointment for him. Moreover he has all the contact of the world president including that of PMB.
The inevitable question is what is the nature of sin(s) commited by Samson Okwu towards Nick that an Obi man chose to aligne with ogewu who has lower credibility to represent IgedeNation at National Assembly? “Anytime truth is supressed by an indivisible structure, self enslavery is inevitable”.

*Jacob Ogilegwu, newly appointed Senior Special Assistant to Governor Samuel Ortom, wrote in from Makurdi.



  1. Politics is about individual and collective interest and 2019 has offered the best of that to the political space in Nigeria, and Igede is not left out. Ogewu is the game changer and he’s loved by majority of Igede.


  2. I have no problem with the poster or who originate the post, but calling APGA an igbo party and labelling the APC people, is worrisome.
    Is PDP or APC and igede party?
    Was it okwu Samson that initiated PDP?
    We should be caution of our words against tomorrow.
    Congratulations to EVANG DAVID OGEWU
    Congratulations igede NATION
    Congratulations Nick Eworo


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